This is a sequel, which is a continuation of the following stories:

*The Dating Game

*The Dating Game 2: A Whole New Game

*The Dating Game 3: Original Course

*The Dating Game 4: Bridge of Hope

*The Dating Game 5: Rebirth

*The Dating 6: A Team Divided

This one, like parts 2-6, will focus on certain characters versus others so please read the list carefully before you decide if you still want to read it for your favorite artists or not. Thank you for reading all the same.

Cast/ Characters:


Joanne Tseng/ Zeng Zhi Qiao aka Qiao Qiao (31) – Bryant’s girlfriend, best friends with Yan Yan, Chen Yi, & Achel, Alyssa’s cousin, Jacky’s god-sister

Jacky Chu/ Zhu Fan Gang (36) – Best friends with Ehlo and Johnny, Wallace’s cousin, Qiao Qiao’s god-brother, Sonia’s ex-boyfriend, a DJ at KFT

Ehlo Huang Yu Rong (36) – Angela’s husband, best friends with Jacky and Johnny, formed a duo with Wallace to achieve their missions, an architect

Angela Chang/ Zhang Shao Han (34) – Ehlo’s wife, Achel’s older sister, Nic’s younger sister, a DJ at KFT

Wallace Huo Jian Hua (36) – Yvonne’s husband, Jacky’s cousin, in conspiracy with Ehlo, Cyndi’s ex-boyfriend, a freelance consultant

Yvonne Yao Cai Ying (36) – Wallace’s wife, an ex-cop, currently has her own jewelry business

Bryant Chang/ Zhang Rui Jia (33) – Joanne’s boyfriend, Janine’s brother, Novia’s cousin, a famous chef


Sonia Sui Tang (36) – James Wen’s wife, Jacky’s ex-girlfriend

Andy Chen Yi (31) – Achel’s boyfriend, best friends with Qiao Qiao and Yan Yan, an instructor at Xin Ru’s Art Gallery

Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu (31) – Chen Yi’s girlfriend, Nic and Angela’s younger sister, a sales associate at Xin Ru’s Art Gallery

Tony Sun Xie Zhi (37) – Yan Yan’s fiancé, a successful businessperson

Esther Liu Pin Yan aka Yan Yan (31) – Tony’s fiancée, best friends with Qiao Qiao, Chen Yi, and Achel, a sales agent

Eddie Peng Yu Yan (31) – Janine’s best friend and co-worker, Esther’s co-worker, sales agent

Janine Chang/ Zhang Jun Ning (31) – Bryant’s sister, Novia’s cousin, Esther and Eddie’s co-worker, sales agent

Derek Chen De Lie (35) – Jun’s best friend, has mad culinary skills

Chris Lee Zhi Zheng (34) – an adventurer

Margaret Wang Yu Jie (34) – an adventurer

Ambrose Hsu/ Xu Shao Yang (39) – Penny’s husband, a successful businessperson

Penny Lin Wei Jun (34) – Ambrose’s wife

Nicholas Teo/ Zhang Dong Liang (36) – Cynthia’s boyfriend, Angela and Achel’s older brother

Cynthia Wang Xin Ru (35) – Nic’s girlfriend, an artist and the owner of Xin Ru’s Art Gallery

Johnny Yan Xing Shu (39) – Bianca’s husband, a professional model, best friends with Jacky and Ehlo and the most mature among the three guys

Bianca Bai Xin Hui (35) – Johnny’s wife, best friends with Angela and Sonia, Manager of a shop inside a local shopping center

Alyssa Chia Ching Wen/ Jia Jing Wen (37) – Qiao Qiao’s cousin, the mysterious Orchids, Vincent’s ex-wife

Double Chao/ Zhao Jun Ya (37) – Novia’s boyfriend, Derek’s best friend

Novia Lin Ruo Ya (36) – Bryant and Janine’s cousin, sign maker

Occasional Guests:

Sophia Chou/ Zhou Ming Jing (36) – A novelist, famous author Zi Ling Lan

Matthew Lin Ming Dao (35) – Best friends with Sam

Kris Shen Jian Hong (31) – Chen Yi’s buddy from high school, a professional model

Vincent Zhao Wen Zhuo (39) – The young magician, Alyssa’s ex-husband

James Wen Sheng Hao (37) – Sonia’s husband, a professional photographer, owns a motorcycle shop

Sam Wang Shao Wei (37) – Xiao Qiao’s husband, best friends with Ming Dao

Joyce Zhao Hong Qiao aka Xiao Qiao (35) – Sam’s wife, best friends with Xiao Jie and Wei Ru, works at a jewelry shop, famous author Xiao Yue Lan

Viva Lai Wei Ru (33) – Gino’s wife, best friends with Xiao Jie & Xiao Qiao

Gino (35) – Wei Ru’s husband, owns a fitness center

Jade Qu Min Jie aka Xiao Jie (28) – Anthony’s girlfriend, best friends since childhood with Wei Ru & Xiao Qiao

Anthony (29) – Xiao Jie’s boyfriend, Xiao Qiao’s little brother

James Chu/ Zhu Qiang Bo (37) – Elisa’s husband, Jacky’s older brother, an architect

Elisa Lin Yi Lin (37) – James Chu’s wife, a music teacher

Cyndi Wang Xin Ling (35) – Tang Ling, Tang Feng’s younger sister, Wallace’s ex-girlfriend, famous author Xiao Ling Ling


Denny Tang Feng (30) – Qiao Qiao’s ex-boyfriend, Cyndi’s older brother


What they thought was the absolute worse had actually ballooned into another magnitude of complications. What was more, all the ghosts of the past were catching up with them. Could they perverse and conquer all their inner-demons? Or will it all consume them in the end?