Chapter 4 – Gossips & Glory

When Ehlo, Janine, and Eddie returned, they spotted Joanne talking to Esther, Andy, Achel, and Kris. Yes, Joanne also came that night. Somehow, they had convinced her to come along—and since she didn’t have any problem with CW, she agreed to Esther’s invitation. Earlier, she had been with Esther hence not being around some of the others to see the dramas unfold. Well, the one that she actively saw was when Ehlo got called up by Tony to talk. Other than that, she wasn’t really paying attention to anything else. Or at least, she was trying to enjoy the party. That was it.

“So, what are we toasting now?” Ehlo joked as he joined them by one of the tables that had food and drinks. He took a glass and passed two to Janine and Eddie.

“A new start?” Joanne spoke up upon hearing Ehlo’s question.

Janine was surprised Joanne was speaking to any of them so soon. Joanne seemed upset—rightfully so—since she left the meeting last week. What changed?

“Ehlo and I had a talk,” Joanne said when she saw Janine’s surprised expression. “He promised me to not attack your side anymore.”

Was that the reason why Ehlo was more relaxed again? Not to mention how Jacky and Wallace seemed to be back to their old selves again? For the most part that was, especially Wallace’s joking demeanor earlier.

“So, that means…?” Janine prompted.

“I thought it through already,” Joanne continued. “If things aren’t meant to be, I’m not going to dwell on it anymore. I can’t let the people who cares for me down. If someone wants to reconsider anything in the future, that’s up to them. I can’t control that aspect.”

“Wow, our Qiao is growing up now, using all the big words,” Ehlo joked.

Joanne gave Ehlo a look then. “As for the future, we have to carry on, right?”

Janine nodded. “Thank you.”

“If you still want to be friends or not, that’s up to you. Or our relationship could go back to where it originally was, you’re still Yan’s coworker and sometimes we talk random as we passed each other by at the office.”

“If you can forgive me, I think we can be friends.”

Joanne nodded, finally clinking her glass to Janine’s. The others smiled because they realized the two were able to make peace. So, they ended up drinking to that too.

“To our friendship then,” Ehlo said, turning to Wallace who had walked over to them with Yvonne. “Twenty-one years, huh?”

“Twenty-one years?” Andy asked, pointing his glass at Ehlo. “I thought Jacky said that you guys barely hung out with him until we sort of stumbled into your life. He said you and Johnny, and he were closer.”

Ehlo wrinkled his face. “When did he say that?”

“Briefly after we met, actually.”

“He meant we rarely hung out after the fallout incident of over ten years ago. Because he totally tanked Wallace and Angela’s relationship.”



“Remember that time Sonia got her car stolen?”

Ehlo gave him a challenging look. “You want to do this now?”

“No, I meant that night we went out to eat, that was before they had that conspiracy against our side.”

“Yeah, keep going, you’re not helping anyone.”

“No, come on, man. Jacky said to Ming Dao he wasn’t the reason they broke up though.”

Ehlo laughed then. “You’re going to take his word for it at that time? He barely knew you guys, of course he wasn’t going to share that much. And you know why he left the table after that? So, he didn’t have to talk about it anymore.”

At that time, Jacky walked over to them with Angela.

“So, good talk?” Ehlo asked, eyeing them, trying to detect any trace of trouble in paradise.

Jacky nodded. “Good talk.”

Ehlo smiled. “That’s good.”

Angela walked over to stand next to Ehlo, eyeing his glass.

“It’s apple cider.”

Angela nodded. “Good.”

“So, where are we going to go later?”

“We’re ditching this place?” Chris asked, coming up to them at that time with Margaret.

“Seriously?” Ehlo returned, eyeing them.

Chris smiled. “So I can get out of this stuffy suit.”

Yes, as part of the façade, Tony had made them all wear formal attires to match with the occasion, masking the fact that they were just there to carry out some sort of performance. And hopefully, enjoy themselves somewhat.

“As long as the main guest is still here, we can’t leave,” Esther reminded him.

“Says who?” Chris asked.

Everyone turned to Esther—since she was part host after all.

“Um…” Chris managed. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Esther responded, accepting his apology.

“No, no,” Chris said, shaking his head. “I wasn’t done. What I meant was, ‘Sorry to tell you, but he’s gone.’”

“What?” Esther exclaimed, looking around the room.

Most of the people in their group were there. However, because Tony had invited some additional people from his company to come so the room was a little crowed to realize that someone might have left. After all, at least four of them had left the party earlier too. And they weren’t really missed. Especially those who weren’t with them previously. The most obvious reason why it was hard to notice some people missing was because the lights had been dimmed way down with the music playing and some people actually dancing that it was a bit hard to keep track of their surroundings.

“Excuse me, but I have to go check on this,” Esther said.

The others nodded and chatted among themselves while they waited for Esther to come back.


When did CW leave? He actually left around the same time Jacky and Angela left the group. He actually went with Sonia. They stepped outside through the backdoor, but before Ehlo, Janine, and Eddie left for the talk. So, that was why the latter group didn’t see the former leave. CW had initiated it since he felt that they needed some air, considering the number of people in the house.

“So, you want to go for a drive?” Chris had asked when they first stepped outside.

Sonia nodded. “Sounds good.”

They ended up at a park nearby. After they got out, they walked down a path where there was a gazebo to the left. They didn’t sit in the gazebo but ended up sitting at a cemented curved chair to the right. The part where they were was kind of leveled and showed part of the city traffic. The lights around them were kind of dim so it created a soothing feeling against the night air. As he sat down, Chris had removed his jacket and placed it over Sonia’s shoulder.

“Thanks,” Sonia said, smiling. She was a bit amused of the situation. “Funny that I still haven’t had a chance to return your other jacket yet, but here you are, lending me another one.”

Chris smiled. “Maybe it’s a sign.”

“A sign?”


They ended up talking and laughing about some random story. They didn’t realize how late it had become. So, they didn’t return to the party either. Or perhaps, they didn’t want to. It was a nice night out anyway.


“So, what are we going to do now?” Ehlo asked, sitting down between Andy and Wallace.

They were in Cynthia’s breakroom. It was the same morning routine. The better part was that they were back to normal again. Or as normal as could be.

“What do you mean?” Wallace asked, stirring his coffee.

“I’m going to head out to help Xiao Yu,” Andy said all of a sudden.

The other two nodded before Ehlo answered Wallace’s question.

“Now that things are back to normal, okay, as normal as can be, what do we do?”

“Some of us have work, you know.”

“Haha, I know, but I’m just saying, what are we going to do from here?” Ehlo’s phone rang then, so he picked it up without thinking. “Dad? Of course, there’s nothing going on between me and Angela. I meant, we’re not arguing or anything. Why? What? No way. Who did you hear it from? Seriously? Okay, I’ll come back later.”

“What?” Wallace asked, having kept quiet on purpose since he could see Ehlo’s troubled expression.

“Did you buy any newspapers today?”

“No, why?”

Ehlo didn’t answer, he was typing on his phone to search. Before he was successful though, Joanne walked in.

“Guess what happened?”

“What?” Ehlo asked, not really paying attention.

“You just got on the main cover of this magazine, congrats.”

Upon hearing that, he looked up and grabbed the magazine from her. Wallace had leaned over to take a peek. On the cover, not only was Ehlo on there, but there was also Janine’s picture. It was the one with them from two nights ago, sitting outside talking. Someone had captured a picture of when she had reached over to hit him. In the picture, it looked like she was holding his hand though.

“Oh, for the love of…” Ehlo clutched is head.

“The son of Watson & Co. with another beauty by his side. Marriage in shambles,” Wallace read the headline. “That was why your dad called?”

Ehlo nodded.

Wallace took the magazine from Ehlo and opened it to the top story.

“Ehlo Huang, a low-key young master, not taking after his father’s company but ended up breaking out on his own since he graduated from…”

“Skip that, will you?” Ehlo said, gesturing toward the magazine with one hand. He was using the other hand to support his head, trying to stay sane.

Wallace nodded and skimmed the article. “Okay, here it is.” He cleared his throat real quick before reading. “According to an anonymous tip, Tony Sun was holding a party for his distant cousin, Chris Wang, at his mansion. Many important faces were seen that night entering the party. However, what was surprising was seeing various parties breaking off and having their own rendezvous. One of which, was the son of Watson & Co., Ehlo Huang. He was seen talking and laughing with a beautiful young lady while his wife was elsewhere entertaining his best friend.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Ehlo asked, snapping his head up at that time. He’d been closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead while trying to think. Now that he heard that, he grabbed the magazine back to check for himself.

“It’s Angela and Jacky by the balcony,” Wallace said. “Nothing special. We knew they went to talk, remember?”

Ehlo was flipping through the magazine, trying to see if there were more pictures. “I’m not doubting them. Do you think I care? I’m trying to find out what angle the pictures were taken from.”

Wallace waited patiently as Ehlo flipped around and compared the pictures.

“They must be right by the mansion,” Ehlo mumbled. “Like here.” He pointed at the angle at which the balcony could be seen and also the backdoor. “But it would be a stretch since the property’s bigger than their angle.”

“Or they have several people from their team spread around the property to take pictures and try their luck.”

Ehlo nodded. “It doesn’t matter what, but we have to do damage control. This is ridiculous.”

“Isn’t it normal that you guys get in the news though?” Joanne asked. She wasn’t mocking them. She looked troubled. But she was trying to make light of the situation.

“I haven’t been in the news cycle for twelve years now,” Ehlo said. “Most of it was due to Tony and the Zhaos’ rivalry. Maybe because the Zhaos are out of the game now, so those paparazzi were trying their luck with other angles.”

“Ehlo ge!” Achel yelled out then.

“What?” Ehlo asked, standing up from his seat as he slammed the magazine on the table.

“There are people in front of the shop asking for you,” Achel said, finally by the breakroom door.

“No way in hell I’m coming out,” Ehlo returned.

Achel had on her timid look. “But…”

Wallace got up at that time. “I’ll go, you stay here. Don’t come out until I give you the clear.”

Ehlo nodded. “Thanks, Huo.”

Wallace nodded. “Come on.”

That comment was meant for Joanne and Achel.

“What are we going to do?” Joanne asked, following Wallace out.

“We’re going to put our acting skills to good use.”

Joanne wrinkled her face. “We have acting skills?”

Wallace smiled. “Yes, come on.”


Around noon, the news cycle escalated to another level. A different magazine had published what they claimed to be an “exclusive” story. However, this one featured Jacky and Angela. The picture was of the one where Angela had reached over to pat Jacky’s hand, reassuring him. Yet, of course, the context got lost. The headline? The son of Tian Cheng (天成) had a rendezvous with his best friend’s wife. Who is actually the third party?

So, by that time, even Jacky was summoned by his parents. Since it concerned both families, Jacky and Ehlo’s parents held a meeting together with their companies’ PR teams. They needed to get their stories straight, after all. Angela, they all agreed, shouldn’t be involved. Because she wasn’t used to dealing with the public pressure. It was better not to line her up for the public execution.

However, things ballooned out to another scope around the time both families announced that they were going to hold a press conference the next day to clarify all details. What was that? It was regarding CW and Sonia. They had been caught leaving the mansion and also at the park. They were caught sharing a kiss and then leaving together later in the car to another location.

“Someone, please hold me back,” Ehlo said, clutching his head by the time they all sat down at Tony’s mansion that afternoon.

Ehlo was actually already sitting down at a chair nearby with Angela by his side. Jacky, Wallace, Yvonne, Chris, and Margaret were also there. Of course, Tony and Esther were there since the meeting was at their place after all. CW was also there. He was the one trying to explain to them about the story. Chris and Margaret? They were actually with Ehlo and Angela, heading home when they heard about what was going on. Tony had called Ehlo and told him to meet them there.

“We just wanted to go out for some air,” CW said. “We didn’t know that someone was following us.”

“So, where was this?” Tony asked, pointing at a picture.

The location Tony mentioned was the picture where the magazine said was their final destination.

“It’s Sonia’s house,” Ehlo mumbled. He had already scanned the magazine earlier when he arrived.

That was when Tony turned to Ehlo. “Sonia’s house?”

Ehlo nodded. “Yeah, she bought it awhile back. Only some of us know.”

Jacky nodded when Tony looked at him to verify.

The room got silent then. That was when Ehlo got up from his seat.

“Look, we’re all adults, okay? Let’s not act like we don’t know what’s going on. I don’t care, but I just want to know who the anonymous source was. I haven’t been in the news cycle for twelve years now. In fact, Jacky and I haven’t been in the limelight for ages now. Suddenly, we’re all slammed in one night, and now we just lost our freedom.”

Tony nodded then. “I know. I’ll get to the bottom of it. After all, it happened at my place.”

“We all know none of the people in our group did it, right?”

Tony nodded. “There were about twenty other people here that night. I’ll make sure to grill them.”

“Good luck with that.”

Ehlo sat back down again, feeling like he was going to lose it.

“We’re having a press conference of our own, right?” CW asked, looking at the others.

“After I get to the bottom of this,” Tony said.

“Wouldn’t the news cycle progress further with their slander if we wait?”

“It couldn’t get any worse than this, actually. They’ll recycle the details based on their so-called research and move on to the next news item.”

“Or so you hope,” Ehlo mumbled again.

At that time, CW’s phone rang. The others turned to him briefly, even Ehlo turned slightly since he was sort of turning to his right—their left at the moment. In fact, the only ones who were sitting down were Ehlo and Angela on the middle sofa with Chris and Margaret on the sofa to Ehlo’s right. CW was standing a distance from Ehlo’s right while Jacky and Wallace were standing not far from Chris at an angle and sort of in front of Angela. Tony and Esther were facing CW, a little distance from Wallace. Yvonne was actually by the window, checking for suspicious characters. They had closed the curtains, but she was checking to make sure.

“It’s Sonia,” CW said as he picked up the call.

The others stayed quiet as CW took his call. However, they were still listening on his side of the conversation. Ehlo finally straightened up since he was using his right arm to support his head previously, feeling the stress.

“What?” Tony asked after CW got off the phone.

“Sonia’s house’s flocked with reporters. We need to do something. I’ll go get her.”

Ehlo rubbed his eyes at that time, feeling his stress level had increased again.

“No,” Tony objected.

“But she’s…”

“You can’t go, you’ll give them even more fuel.”

“I’ll go,” Jacky said at that time.

“No, you can’t go either. You’re not involved in their story, but you’re in the other story, so it’s not going to be any better.”

“Yet,” Ehlo mumbled.

“What?” Tony asked, turning to Ehlo.

Ehlo looked up at them. “They’ll write about them. You can bet on it. It’s just a matter of time.”

Tony shook his head. “How could I forget?”

Ehlo went back to rubbing his eyes. “Yeah.”

“Why?” CW asked, looking from one to the other, trying to detect what was going on.

“Jacky and Sonia used to date,” Ehlo said. “They’re going to link him to her soon. It’s going to be something like, ‘The son of Tian Cheng losing out to the young master of Da Fa (大發). Both broke out from their family business to seek their own empire, who could believe that Tian Cheng and Da Fa would come face to face, even when it came to romance.’”

The others were still staring at Ehlo. Well, most of them were, because CW was staring at Jacky. In fact, he had been studying Jacky since Ehlo mentioned Jacky’s history with Sonia.

“You should do some consultation for our publishing department,” Tony joked then. “That was a pretty good prediction.”

“I read enough of those trashy magazines to get their drip,” Ehlo said, switching to rubbing his forehead now. “And seriously, do you think I have time now?”

“Maybe?” Wallace chimed in then. “I meant your business is tanking soon with all these rumors. You have lots of time on your hand in the impending future.”

“Guys, come on,” Jacky interfered. “Who’s going to go to Sonia’s?”

Wallace turned off his smile and had on his serious expression again. “I’ll go.”

“Be careful,” Tony said.

Wallace nodded.

In fact, he and Yvonne left at the same time.

“This is just great,” Ehlo said after the two left.

“So, here’s the deal,” Tony said, ignoring Ehlo on purpose since he knew Ehlo was just ranting out of frustration. “Be careful of what you do and where you go for the upcoming weeks. I’m prepping for the worst-case scenario of this dragging out for a month, at the most. But everyone has to be patient. I know it’s brutal, but whatever you say or do will totally be twisted in those paparazzi pieces. So, the best solution is to not engage. That means you will have to tiptoe around them. If somehow you can’t escape and have to deal with them, pivot. Celebrities do it all the time. Just get them confused to the point that they couldn’t string together two sentences for their piece.”

“Sounds awesome.”

“I’ll send you a script later, if you want.”

“I’m good.”

“Oh yeah, remember to run some kind of story by each other first. If the story is not the same, that’s a lapse for them to write about.”

“Send me an email later.”

“Oh, how could I forget, have you guys call Janine?”

Ehlo nodded. “I told her not to talk to anyone for the time being. Novia had to close her shop earlier because the paparazzi were hounding them too much. Then Wallace had to distract them, so that both sides could get out of there. It was really bad.”

“So, Wallace’s on the frontline now?” Chris asked then, scratching his beard.

“Not for long. He’s going to get pulled in soon if they keep digging.”


“It’s a chain. Because Angela’s link to me, she’s going to get pulled in so bad. Considering how they caught her with Jacky. That’s two for two right there. Depends on how hot these topics are, you’re going to get pulled in too.”

Chris wrinkled his face. “Is it that serious?”

“Welcome to the busines world.”

“So, all you guys do is gossip?”

“Not us, but people are naturally nosy, come on.”

“How have you guys survived all these years?”

“I told you, we had the Zhaos as cushion. They have a lot to write about, what’s with them being the top dog and all. After they got knocked out, everyone that mattered moved up a notch. The news cycle has been pretty boring with the typical celebs get together and stuff. It’s about time they get to pull someone else into the limelight. I meant, it has been a while since Jacky and I’ve been in the news. They have a lot to catch up on.”

“So, everyone from your past gets pulled in too? That’s a lot of people.”

“Yeah, so better call your families, just in case.”

That was when CW sat down at a seat next to Margaret. Actually, he had backed into the chair and slumped down. It was like he was finally feeling the impact of what was really going on with whole situation. Jacky had also settled down at a spot next to Angela—with a little personal space between them, of course. However, he wasn’t looking all disoriented like CW.

“If I’ve known the impact was so huge, I wouldn’t have…” CW started.

“Huh,” Ehlo said. “Now you know.”

“Ehlo,” Angela said, slipping her hand into his.

Ehlo squeezed their linked hand a little before speaking up again. “I know. I’m not trying to pick on him. I’m just telling him the reality right now.”

“Are you going to be able to stay calm with all the pressure during the upcoming days?” Chris asked, looking at Ehlo. He wasn’t teasing. He was seriously concerned.

“Do I have a choice?”

The others exchanged worried looks then, except for CW. CW was still lost in thoughts, numbed from the effects that was about to change their lives.


Ehlo’s prediction came true the next day. It was after the Huang and Chu’s companies held their press conference. The new publications came out three hours later.

“New Development: A third person present at the rendezvous between Ehlo Huang and Janine Chang,” Wallace read aloud as they settled down at Tony’s drawing room again.

“Seriously?” Ehlo asked, looking at Wallace. “Who blabbed?”


Ehlo threw his hands up and got up from his seat also. “Oh, come on!” He sat back down again within seconds and got his phone out.

“What are you doing?” Angela asked.

“Giving Eddie a piece of my mind.”

“Are you going to do something you’re going to regret later again?” Jacky asked, looking at him with warning eyes.

Ehlo wrinkled his face. “Why did you talk to the reporters?”

“I didn’t mean to,” Eddie said. “They were crowding Janine too much. I just thought I clarified it to them that I was there too, and nothing happened between you two. I didn’t know it was going to turn out like that.”

Ehlo clutched his head again—although Eddie couldn’t see him. Angela took that time to slip a hand into his again. “You know what? Stop talking to them. I don’t care how bad they are. In fact, all of you, stop going out for now. If you want the current news cycle to end as soon as possible, avoid them at all costs. They’re baiting you, don’t fall for it.”

“We can’t just wait them out.”

“Do I look like I’m patient to you? I’m doing it, you can do it too.”

“All right, but there’s something you need to know.”


“Bryant and Derek just went out. For work, you know. They might hound Bryant for info.”

Ehlo rubbed his forehead, wondering what else could go wrong. “I’ll send someone over.”

“Okay then. Sorry, man.”

“It’s okay. You didn’t know. But be careful from now on.”

They ended the call after that.

“Who are you sending over?” Tony asked. “For what?”

“Bryant went to work. They’re probably going to hound him for info. We can’t keep using sponges to gauge the wound. It’s going to get out of control soon.”

“It’s only been two days.”

Ehlo shook his head. “Don’t I know it?”

“Who are we sending over to back Bryant up then?” Wallace asked.

“Chen Yi.”

Tony gave Ehlo a look, like Ehlo should know better and it was no time to joke.

“I’m serious.”

“Why Chen Yi then?”

“You guys are underestimating him major time.”

“Coming from someone who constantly calls him ‘kid’?” Wallace reminded Ehlo.

“He’s off the radar and could act innocent like you wouldn’t believe. He drives me insane like no tomorrow. Oh yeah, best have Kris with him too.”


“Kris’ on the rise right now with his modeling career. Words have it that he’s breaking into acting too. He could pretend to be visiting Bryant on set. The news cycle would shift toward him for a while. He gets free press, and we get to breathe for two seconds.”

Tony’s doubtful look lifted then. “That could actually work.”

Ehlo had on his proud look.

“Should Chen Yi and Kris go separately or together?”

“Together. If those yoyos are good for anything, which they are—even if they’re dedicated to the wrong thing, they will know those two are best friends. If they go separately, those yoyos won’t buy it.”

“All right, let’s do it then.”

Since no one had any objections, Ehlo called Andy up and told him the plan.

“Hey, come over here,” Tony said after Ehlo got off the phone.

The others were already standing around the table at that time.

“What?” Ehlo asked, joining them.

“This is the map of the property,” Tony said, gesturing toward the drawing on the table. “According to the pictures taken, we have several angles to go on from.”

As Tony was talking, he started to pin small flags on the drawings. The others joined in until they had piece together the details of that night.

“Eddie was standing right here, under the other lamp watching us,” Ehlo said. “But they didn’t see him, that means they’re not over here.”

“The lighting might have affected their vision,” Chris suggested.

“No, those assholes are used to chasing these types of stories. They’re prepared. Especially when they have an anonymous tip about the party. They’re not going to bring some crappy camera to the event. See how clear the pictures they took of CW and Sonia?”

“There are at least three publishers there that night,” Tony continued. “Just based on how many articles out so far with exclusives articles.”

“Did you talk to all of the others at the party that night?”

Tony shook his head. “Not all. Some had to fly overseas for some business trip the next morning, so I haven’t gotten a hold of them yet. But I think it’s unlikely it was them.”

“You never know.”


“So…” Ehlo mumbled, studying the house plan again.

“Hey, what happened to Chris?” Chris asked then.

“He went home,” Tony answered. “his parents are furious that he got caught. Or more like his dad was furious that he was caught like that. His mom tried to shield him from it, but you know, he’s going to have to hear the music now.”

“So, they’re upset that he got caught because they only cared about their family?”

“Welcome to the high-class society,” Ehlo said, his voice full of sarcasm.

“How’s Sonia doing then?”

“Hiding at Bianca’s house,” Jacky answered. “It’ll be okay for a while. Wallace and Yvonne moved her, so those paparazzi don’t know.”

“Yet,” Ehlo added.

“I’ll take that for now.”

“Wait,” Chris said again.

“What?” Ehlo asked, finally looking at Chris since he was still studying the map before.

“How come you and Xiao Han aren’t out there?”

Ehlo looked at Chris like he was crazy.

“Hear me out.”

“Please do.” His expression had displayed apparent mockery.

“Instead of hiding, why don’t you appear out in public together? The rumors will stop if they see how you two get along, no affair or whatever.”

Ehlo pointed at Chris then, shaking his head. “So naïve.” He walked over to the sofa and sat down again. “I appreciate you for thinking of us though.”

“Hey,” Chris called out, offended. He followed Ehlo to the sofa and actually sat down next to Ehlo this time instead of the other seat on the right of the sofa. “I’m trying to help here.”

Ehlo gave him a sideways glance. “And didn’t I just say I appreciate you for it?”

“Why won’t it work?”

“That’s the oldest trick ever, they’re not going to fall for it.”

“Are you going to keep hiding until Tony finds out who the anonymous source is?”

“That’s the plan, unless we can find another way.”

Chris was going to say something else, but he didn’t. It was like he didn’t want to push past Ehlo’s patience at this moment.


Ehlo’s plan worked for two full days with diverting the news cycle toward Kris. Then Friday came. It was like the paparazzi needed to send out their teams for more “research”, so they were finally back with reinforcement for the upcoming days. The headlines started piling in—to the point that some of them no longer cared to tune in. Some of the headlines were as followed:

Tian Cheng’s Zhu Fan Gang losing out to Da Fa’s youngest heir hence seeking comfort elsewhere

Sonia Sui, the columnist in charge of the love advice panel “Sonia Says”, involved with Chris Wang from Da Fa

Will Sonia Sui succeed in entering the Wang resident?

Zhao Shao Han successfully transformed from an ugly duckling to a rising phoenix

The fallout between the Huang family and the Zhu family because of their sons’ complicated love triangles

The three men in Angela Chang’s lives and her journey in becoming a phoenix

Wallace Huo, what kind of person is he?

Ehlo Huang said he hated ‘Chris’, who was this ‘Chris’?

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