Chapter 2

She could see. Her vision has not been damaged by the shards flying her way. The scars are nowhere to be seen. She is safe. She stumbles from her place and uses her hands to boost herself up. She glimpses at her surroundings.
Fog. All she could see is fog. She does not remember about the fog or if the weather forecast has hinted about fog. It could not be. Unreasonable. Or could it be just that?
“What…” She lets out.
She scans her surroundings once more, cringing her eyes. Fog and darkness. A blinding combination. But there is so much light at the same time. If not, how is she able to see all these?
The fog begins to lift then. She is able to see more clearly. A shred of light is visible in front of her. She follows it. Then she hears some strange sounds. The sounds of the night. Is there an owl around here? She couldn’t be in the woods, could she? Her senses pick up at that time. She tries to take in everything at once. No, not in the woods. She turns her attention to the ground again, stomping on it as she goes. Wood. Hard wood. The room begins to take a different shape, spinning around her.
A log cabin. It has changed into a wood cabin.
“What?” She repeats, this time out of confusion instead of disorientation like before.
This cannot be happening to her. How could the space change into some wood cabin? It must be some kind of trick, right? She feels fear creeping up from within. Tightening her knuckles together, she searches her surrounding with her eyes, trying to locate the door. Then she relaxes, letting out a foolish smile. Her little brother loves to test his effects. Of course. That is why he is giving her a little surprise today. But she does not remember returning home. What happened after the flying glasses? How could she not remember the events that follow?
“Mick!” She calls out, scanning her eyes again. “You better come out and explain it to me.”
No response. Not even the slightest hint of existence. Unlike a minute ago when her surroundings were changing. She feels the familiar fear creeping up again. It is recognition. Recognition that she is really trapped in this weird place. How could it be?
“Don’t scare yourself,” She mumbles, her voice wavering slightly.
She tightens her knuckles and attempts to search for the door again. Studying the layout, it is not that far from the cabin she planned to rent for her upcoming trip. The door has to be…
As if thinking about it conjures it up, she finally spots the door on the other side of the cabin. She rushes towards it, too glad. Or possibly fearing that it would disappear if she does not take advantage of it? She grabs on the doorknob and turns it.
Lights begin to stream into the room. Brightening lights, not just the low yet visible light like she had been experiencing. She pulls back and shuts the door again. It is not just any type of bright lights. It is not like the sun that often threatens to scourge her eyes if she does not take precautions. Nor is it like the feeling of brightness after she had been through darkness for too long. This type of light seems like it wants to suck her in and reduces her to nothingness. A very frightening feeling.
What to do now? Stomp on the floor again and hopes that the room changes again? She fails. It does not work that way – or so it seems.
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Posted: Sunday, February 2oth, 2011