Chapter 3

Smokes. Smokes everywhere. Enveloping him until he could not breathe. He drops down on the ground, shifting his weight, coughing. Except the ground isn’t really the ground. Mud? No, mud couldn’t be that hard. Or stable. Bringing his hand up, he spots some red, sticky substance. Alarmed, he feels himself, checking for any signs of a wound or…
“What?” He stutters, ends up choking. Then he regains himself, staring at an endless void. “This is ridiculous.”
He makes his way towards an unknown destination after the smokes clear. Why is it so dark here? Yet so visible at the same time. No signs of physical injury because he is able to function properly.
A dream. It must be a dream. Only in dreams do he feels no pain. Not even an ounce. After that accident? Not even a scratch. Beyond ridicule standards.
He closes his eyes and forces himself to wake up. Waking up would mean exposure to pain. But he must wake up. Only when he is conscious would he feel safe again. This deafening silence is driving him insane. He needs to drown it out with the noise level in the conscious world. If only he could do just that. When he opens his eyes again, he could still see the blanket of darkness staring back at him.
“What the hell?” He yells out.
Then he calms himself down again. No point in getting worked up. He begins to pace, reaching for his hair, pulling out its roots. Not even a tint of pain nor does it respond to him by coming out. No, this is not happening. He closes his eyes once more, trying hard to focus. A great amount of concentration would do him some good. He must be in a really deep sleep. It would require more concentration. That’s it. It should be it, right?
Another blink of hope extinguishes as he opens his eyes. No such luck. Making the best of it, he studies his surroundings again, hoping to find a course. Then another idea ignites in his mind. Fog. It must be fog. Just thick, dark, languid fog. And then it extinguishes like the last idea. The fog would explain his failed attempt to locate his surroundings. Yet how could it explain the lack of pain he feels? But what good is it dwelling on the matter when it would not advance his progress in getting out of the place?
He marches forward once more, attempting to make the best that he has, regardless of how hopeless and eerie it is. His state of mind returns to its calmness after some more walking. Yet he still has no idea what to do. Sighing out, he settles down on the ground and puts his head into his hands. Maybe if he rests a bit, he might think of something. Having the unclear feeling, like there are some clouds covering his mind, makes him too unease. Then his ears pick up. He opens his eyes and looks up in time to see the wind gushing by and a silver gust spinning into a colorful wheel. He shields his eyes, wanting to study the madness some more, knowing he must be hallucinating. After a minute or so, he couldn’t be sure of the time anymore, the colorful wheel disappears, leaving him in the darkness again. But this time, the darkness is in a room with wooden walls. It might be mahogany. He gets up from his place and walks around, inspecting the place, searching for the door.
“It is a dream,” He declares, feeling relief washing over him.
It has to be some weird dream to have so many magic involved.
His confidence restored, he walks briskly towards what could be the door. Indeed, his thoughts have conjured up a door, allowing him escape at last. Maybe after walking through this door, he will wake up.
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Posted: Tuesday, August 30th, 2011