Chapter 2

Penny stood at the curve like many times before, waiting for her driver. She was more anxious than ever to get out of the place. She loved the challenges that her job bring forth. Yet she did not love this challenge at all. Love was not something she used for this obstacle. She did not want to acknowledge that person’s existence anymore. She did not want to be reminded of it with the rain dripping so loud either. It was not dripping; it was practically drawing up a storm. She did not care for a proper term. She only cared for an escape route. Before she lost her cool.
A blue light came into her view and shielded her vision from the sky above. She turned around to see Ambrose holding his umbrella. It was almost as if they had returned to that day ten years ago. The only difference was Ambrose had transformed to the carefree person and she, herself, had turned into a passive being.
“You never learn to take care of yourself properly,” Ambrose said, a phrase too familiar to them both. “Up to now.”
She stepped out and away from his umbrella. “I do not need a babysitter.”
“You never learned the art of patience after all, huh?”
She knew he was still following her from his footsteps. She did not want to talk to such a person, especially off work.
“Need a ride?” He continued in his cheerful voice.
She spotted her driver at that time. She made her way toward him. She suddenly felt a tug at her right arm. She turned around and yanked her hand away from him in the process. He had a strong grip and fast reflexes. She returned her vision to the street to see the water splashing up at his extended blue umbrella. He had avoided another incident, a car from splashing her to be exact. She waited for the water to settle before turning to him again. She successfully freed her hand this time but it was because he had loosened his grip on her.
“Don’t think that I’ll thank you for anything ever again,” She said, her voice leveled yet ice cold.
“You were so lively before at the meeting, what’s with the attitude now?”
“I will maintain my professionalism as long as I’m still at work. Now…it’s off work.”
His smile finally faded – just like hers once did. “Ten years is a long time to stay mad, don’t you think?”
She knew Luke was waiting for her. He was not looking for another ticket. He did not deserve such punishment for her delays. She signaled to him to wait just for a second. Her vision returned to Ambrose once again – and possibly for the last time. “Not all actions have reasons.”
The words echoed back from the past but from her lips this time around. She knew it hurt as badly for him as it did for her from his expression. It was always worst to be on the receiving end.
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Posted: Tuesday, January 4th, 2011