It was still raining. Each drop dripped down the sidewalk and washed away with the rest of the water flowing below. Penny watched its pattern unmoved. She needed the time to think. She wanted to learn the art of patience like he had taught her. Patience was a virtue after all. It was his mantra. She wanted it to become hers. Theirs.
Her face lit up when she spotted him among the crowd. She did not bother to wait for him to approach her but made her way toward him. He was carrying a blue umbrella. She was drenched with rain by the time they met halfway.
“I told you to take care of yourself,” He scolded her, adjusting his umbrella so it shielded her also.
She smiled. “I just want to see you.”
“You’re so silly.”
She allowed herself to be dragged back to her previous shelter. It was a corner of a building. Probably some big corporate building. Yet she only cared to acknowledge him, not anyone or anything else.
“I have to tell you something,” He said at last, not folding his umbrella for convenient of the situation but just letting it sway back and forth in his hand.
She still had on her carefree smile. “What?”
He had on his serious look. A look he rarely wore when they were together. He reached out to brush a loose string of dripping wet hair aside for her before speaking up. “Let’s break up.”
Her smile was still on. “What? Stop joking. April’s Fool is still a long way.”
His grim expression was still present, not giving in to her innocent look. “I’m serious. I thought it over already and no matter how I think of it, it will come to this sooner or later. I rather end it now than waste anymore of both our times.”
Her smile finally faded as he turned to leave. It then hit her as to why he had not folded his umbrella. Her reflexes registered around the same time, grabbing onto his arm. “What are you talking about? We’ve been good all along.”
“Don’t make me repeat this or come up with some other reason for this outcome.” He pried her arms off him and turned to leave once more.
“You have to explain!” Her voice had risen to another level.
Some people turned to take a peek at the two. But they soon returned to their routine, knowing that it was only a couple going through some misunderstandings. They had better things to do. Like getting out of the rain.
“Let go.” His voice felt ice cold to the ears.
She did not listen. She used all her energy to pull him back, to cling onto him, to embrace him in her arms again. “This must be a misunderstanding, right?” Her voice was pleading and downright degrading to a girl. But she did not care. She knew she had to get it out of him. She had to make him understand that he had mistaken. “You care for me! I know you care for me! If not, why would you scold at me for not taking good care of myself? Why would you…”
Her hopes were too short-lived and her thoughts too naïve since he regained his composure and pushed her a safe distance away from him. “Don’t make me resort to other means to separate from you. Our lives are long. You will meet someone else someday and so will I.”
“But why?” She cried out, her eyes streaming with tears.
“Not all actions have reasons.”
With that, he left her standing there.
It did not matter if she had cried harder. It did not matter. He was determined. She stood numbly against the wind and rain. She backed against the wall of that same corporate building, losing her balance. Her knees gave way. She sat at that spot, at that corner all alone. Everyone had scattered already. There was only her.
She cried until his umbrella disappeared down the block. She cried until that blue spot faded into nothing. It seemed like no one cared. But no one was there to care.
Did it ever matter in the first place?
© Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
Posted: Wednesday, December 29th, 2010