Father and Son: Favorite Couple

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I’m only at episode 3 so it’s really early to say anything. But I thought my favorite couple so far is Zhong Ming and Ruo Shui. They’re the most matured couple in here but could exude the somewhat playful side at times that it’s really cute and addicting to watch. I guess the main attraction is trying to wait and see how they could prove themselves with Zhong Ming’s father and see what the outcome is. As I mentioned in the other post that it’s really a repetitive formula with Zhong Ming being stuck between his kingdom and the beauty. Yet maybe it’s the feeling that it brought forth with this couple that makes it addicting to watch.

What I like about Ruo Shui is her mixture of the gentle exterior but having a strong and determined mind. She’s so strong-willed that makes her so graceful and attractive in many ways. Maybe it also has to do with Chu Xuan’s portrayal. Of course, it’s nothing new with wanting acknowledgment from the other side’s family and in this case the father; the overused plot would be either she’s the understanding one willing to work hard and wait patiently–or the nagging impatient, hot-headed girl. I guess there couldn’t be any other approach so the writers chose to let Ruo Shui be the understanding one. But I think it’s more convincing this time because of how her character was developed. I meant it was always all talks with how the understanding girl would be waiting but would be seen with conflicting thoughts or actions when the guy was not present, making the whole thing so unconvincing with her supposedly patience nature. (Yeah, I do understand that the wait would eventually make one go insane and it’s an important matter but I’m not really convinced when there are just too much of the conflicting actions/thoughts with what the girl’s saying.) This time, I’m willing to hang on because of how Ruo Shui seems to actually understand Zhong Ming and would actually do what’s good for Zhong Ming. Her effort in luring Zhong Ming to the gathering at the beginning of the drama is already proof that she’s not just talks. She could do those things to help him without needing to be given credit or being acknowledged by the father. Yes, she’s waiting silently, but she’s not forcing her presence into the father’s path, knowing that it would anger him. And not to mention, I actually felt her feelings for Zhong Ming are genuine, not just the typical ‘5-year’ label that other dramas slapped around to give us an idea of their history BUT made it so contradicting later with coming up with lame conflicts or misunderstandings between them. (Which I honestly hope isn’t going to be the case here.)

Zhong Ming, of course, has to prove to his father that he knows what he’s doing–personally and professionally. Again, another typical plot where the oldest son is with a woman who has somewhat of a shady background and needs approval from the father. But again, I actually don’t mind it this time around because I could actually sympathize with him. Honestly, he has every right to want a part of the empire his father established since he did work quite hard for it too. It’s not about just sever the ties and that’s it. How he’s approaching it seems mature enough as it can be. Yes, he gets so mad at times and wants to lash out at people for just judging Ruo Shui by just looking on the surface. But he’s still patiently wanting acknowledgment and acceptance. The conflict is ongoing and because he wants to maintain a good family relationship also so he can’t do anything but work hard and wait, proving that it’s not one of those ‘flings’ people think his relationship is with Ruo Shui.

To get back to some of the scenes they have, spending their time together and all, my favorite part thus far is episode 3 when they were having coffee at this one restaurant surrounded by the tung oil tree’s flowers. It was so nice and soothing–and yes, romantic at the same time. At that scene, we could also see how in sync they were, actually giving each other their own version of ‘high five’ and all. Very cute and playful–without going overboard.

I just can’t get enough of their scenes and can’t wait for future interactions. I just hope they don’t get broken up for real. Honestly, for once, I want to be greedy with letting Zhong Ming have both the kingdom and the beauty. (‘Cause with past records, the main guy couldn’t have both, one or the other–unless it’s some melodramatic, childish drama.) But I guess it’s not up to us viewers to decide since it’s probably going go on and on for Heaven knows how many more episodes, considering how many characters are involved.

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