Father and Son: On the Subject

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When returning on the actual subject of ‘father and son’ relationships, I think I could see that within the Zhao family–though they were not as wealthy as some people in here. Honestly, I’m sick of what was going on within the Li household that I couldn’t sympathize with Li San Yuan anymore. So when I watched some of the scenes with the Zhao family, I felt that they deserved the spotlight the most. It had been years already but they haven’t changed at all. Though they could always rise up, the father had kept it simple. He had admitted in not being able to provide a better life for his children yet they looked up to him and admired him greatly for his effort–along with their mother all these years. That was what was called good parenting on their part, not some BS talk. I guess this was why Zhong Yi rather hang around with the Zhao family at times rather than coming home. Though that wasn’t totally true since he wanted to go out and about, exploring other options, knowing that his brothers and sister were already in the company working and helping their father. Yet the pressure of being a part of the Li family was much more than anyone could take. It was already obvious with so many episodes thus far. It was always the pressure.

Anyway, to get back to the Zhao family, I would like to mention first regarding the scene where Zhao Da Pao discovered that his son, Li Da, was actually being assigned to do those hard labor work–even getting scolded on the side–instead of the office work he thought was to be assigned. Then he just left, wanting to save his son some face and called him on the phone to meet for lunch instead. Watching them trying to reassure one another and just getting through lunch was somewhat heartbreaking. Though we all understand how it worked with everyone having to start somewhere yet it was so sad to see how Da Pao was silently blaming himself for not knowing how to take better care of his son (aka not having connections hence the labor job instead of office job). Or like how Li Da was trying to cover up the whole thing, telling his father that he was really enjoying his job and that everyone was being so nice to him at work. And this was one of those rare times I didn’t mind people trying to cover up some things to save face. It was actually all out of concern for one another, not wanting either party to worry instead of the fakeness that was slapped around at times.

Then the part where Li Da volunteered to make a trip to the market in his father’s place was extremely touching as well. Though subtle but it showed that he wasn’t complaining or anything, still hiding the fact that he was far from comfortable at work. Then his father came down and helped him massage all the places that must have hurt like hell. (Sorry for the language but yeah…) The little exchanges between them were extremely meaningful, it really showed that Li Da never forgot what his father had taught them all. Of course, Li Da finally realized that his father knew what was going on at work and the old man had revealed the pain he felt seeing his son suffer like that. But Li Da took it into his hands to reassure his father once again that he finally had a job so he should be grateful, etc. And indeed, Li Da was definitely looking on the bright side since most of his other classmates didn’t even have a job so he was better off with having some type of income flowing in. After all those serious talks, it was somewhat hilarious to see how they were fighting to carry the bags, LOL! Ah Da didn’t want people to say that he was not a filial son and his father didn’t care about what others were saying. A nice scene to dispel the somewhat sad atmosphere. What was even funnier was one of their neighbors yelling out that they could each carry one instead of keep arguing over it, LOL!

There was also the interaction between the father and Li Xin. Li Xin still held a grudge with Li San Yuan because of what happened between him and Zhong Hui. But because of his father’s concerns, he didn’t stir anything up. However, he still worked hard to prove himself that he would one day rise above his current status. Yet at the same time kept a kind heart because of what his father had taught them since young. He wanted more than anything to let his parents live a better life, mostly because he was the oldest son and felt the great responsibility, but also to prove to others he could take care of his family. But his old man, of course, wanted him to be happy. Their conversation that night after Li Da’s wedding showed that he knew what was going on and it was still on his mind throughout the coming episodes each time someone brought the subject up regarding Li Xin and Zhong Hui. Once again, Da Pao was blaming himself for not working harder so now his sons and daughter had to suffer. Yet like Li Da, Li Xin did not blame their father, but the eyes of those who only saw what was on the surface, not by looking at one’s heart. I thought that was great since oftentimes, the sons would end up blaming the father for not having enough wealth causing them to be looked down upon by others. But indeed, both Li Xin and Li Da appreciated their family very much and could only use their own capabilities to prove themselves.

Being the youngest daughter of the family, Jia Jia was very sweet and down to earth like the rest of the Zhao family members. However, she hadn’t appeared much yet aside from at Li Da’s wedding so nothing else could be said of her personality. Yet I have to say she looked cute with Zhong Yi. But it would be too ironic to end up in the Li family, right? I seriously want to see more of her though since it would be more refreshing and possibly a break from all those other dramatic parts.

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