Favorite Scenes: Part I – Love Together

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I decided to start this saga just for kicks. Well, it’s not too random, because I think most of us have scenes from dramas that we especially like. Regardless of how much we say we like a drama as an overall, but there must be an ultimate favorite scene, right? First drama to start off the saga is Love Together, one of the most underrated dramas–just because the leads weren’t as well known as some others.

(Credit: FTVCP)

My favorite scene must be the above. It was the part where Xiao Yu went to search for Ah Bao up in the mountains yet she ended up tripping somewhere and hurt her leg. (Strangely, it was one of the times that she hurt her leg in the drama.) Anyway, Ah Bao was also somewhere, having hurt himself. His condition was a bit more serious so it was hard to blame Zhong Ze for worrying for Xiao Yu when he saw what happened to Ah Bao. Zhong Ze, along with some of the other people, went up the mountains to search for Xiao Yu. Zhong Ze was more than worried at that point. In fact, he was seconds from going insane when he couldn’t find her. And his anxiety increased even more when he spotted her cell phone lying somewhere but couldn’t see her. Xiao Yu was actually not far away from there, but he was already beyond himself. When he saw her, he immediately called out her name and rushed toward her–to which she returned with an “Ah Zhe” and made her way toward him as well. What was surprising to Xiao Yu at that point was how he ended up hugging her–instead of the usual, typical “Are you all right?” comment that could do the deed and also keep his distance from her. It wasn’t like that this time, far from it. He didn’t care anymore. His worried look had turned into one of relief during the embrace. Though she was surprised, soon turned her shocked expression to a smile. What sort of ruined the moment was how she’d sneezed yet it wasn’t too lost since they soon try to find shelter nearby to hide from the rain. (It reminded me of the time Zhong Ze got lost in the mountains near Uncle Zhu’s tea plantation and Xiao Yu had to do the rescuing.) Yet I ponder why he didn’t just walk over to the place where he tossed his umbrella and just plain pick it up so they could have some shield while searching for a more permanent shelter. (YES, that was bugging me though this was supposedly a very touching scene, lol.)

Anyway, the reason why this was my ultimate favorite scene from the drama was because it was the first time they hugged, and it was the only time he would show signs of real concern for her–at least up to that point. Not that he wasn’t worried for her in the past. But this moment made her realized what she saw and sensed weren’t wrong.

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