FPO stands for Fans Pairings Obsession. This page will include random information collected and will feed on fans who share the same obsession even more. But it DOES NOT promote ‘bashing’ of other pairings. It also DOES NOT encourage false reports to tarnish the mentioned artists’ reputation either. Therefore, only positive moments will be shared. (This also means that I seek the right to remove revoking comments being made, such as those aiming to attack any one of the pairings that could lead to wars among other fans.)






Lydia by F.I.R. – Featuring Adylan
The Forgotten Tragic Couple – Featuring Wallace Huo and Cyndi Wang
I’ll Teach You How To Beak Up – Featuring Eric Suen and Vivien Yeo
San Sheng You Xing – Featuring Van Fan and Megan Lai
Hua Shan * 24 – Featuring Blue Lan and Annie Liu
Xing Yun – Featuring Ethan Ruan and Alice Tzeng
An Gong Zhu – Featuring Ady An with Dylan Kuo and Hu Ge
Wallace and Tammy’s Lucky Day – Featuring Wallace Huo and Tammy Chen
Memorable Sad Endings – Featuring Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin
Convincing Couples: Part I – Featuring Blue Lan and Annie Liu
Tang Yu Xiao Bao! – Featuring Eddie Peng and Esther Liu
Memorable Sad Endings: Part II – Featuring Wallace Huo and Michelle Ye
Jin Sheng Qing Bu Bian – Featuring Jackie Lui and Joey Meng
White Robe of Love: Mo Fan or Qi Xiu? – Featuring Adylan, Michael Zhang, and Megan Lai
White Robe of Love: Mo Fan or Qi Xiu Part II – Featuring Adylan, Michael Zhang, and Megan Lai
Yang Mi: Xue Jian vs. Xi Yao – Featuring Hu Ge and Yang Mi
Chinese Paladin III: The Most Touching Story – Featuring various pairings from the series
Liao Zhai 2: Yan Zhi – Featuring Cecilia Han Xue and Yan Kuan
Liao Zhai 2: Fen Die – Featuring Eddie Peng and Esther Liu
On The Set: A Fun Made-up Story – Featuring Tang Feng and Qiao Qiao: Part I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV | XV | XVI | XVII | XVIII | XIX
TVB Golden Couples: Part I – Featuring Deric Wan and Maggie Siu
Rookies’ Diary: Couples – Featuring all couples from the drama

Hu Ge and Ady’s Wedding Banquet – Featuring Hu Ge and Ady An
Black & White: Cracking the Code – Featuring Vic Chou and Janine Chang
Celebs Real Life Couples – List of all current Celebs couples

*NOTE*: Not every single favorite pairing will get a sub-page. However, it does not reduce their significance in any way.

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