Calvin: November 10th, 1980
Joanne: November 17th, 1988

Both are Scorpions
Calvin’s a Monkey while Joanne’s a Dragon

Calvin: Fahrenciti Blog | Weibo
Joanne: Facebook | Weibo | Wretch Blog

Chivalry at its Extinction
As Fate Would Have It
Oneness to Boda
Love Doesn’t Harm: A Qiaoru Reunion

A Fateful Bet (One-Shot) by DTLCT
Heaven’s Gift by DTLCT
The Other Extreme by DTLCT

AF Couple Thread

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0 thoughts on “QiaoRu

  1. @atachen – Thanks for commenting. I hope they will get a chance to work together in a drama in the future too. I meant the last time things happened and no one could really change it. But I hope that isn’t the last time. I’m not giving up hope though. Sometimes I thought some pairings couldn’t work together because it seems so off or schedules wouldn’t allow yet it happened so I hope there would be a second for these two as well.

    1. I think they will work together in a TV drama in the futurei s pretty difficult.
      But I will not give up hope, I think the reaction of fans for recent news QiaoRu is not bad
      You think What if they have a duet song? I’ve been dreaming about it

      1. Yeah, I know what you mean since their schedules are like packed – or it seems so. But same here, I wouldn’t give up hope. Not sure about a duet. But then again, it might be more possible than a drama? I don’t know.
        Regarding recent news, I saw that too. And yes, reactions weren’t bad. Yet I saw some comments that makes me kind of mad. I meant it’s not really a confirmation but we still know the bit about how they’re still keeping in touch and know they do meet from time to time. But some are making some comments against her that makes me kind of mad. I meant I know everyone has their preference in pairings, etc but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to attack, saying he/she don’t like the idea is fine already, don’t need to say further. Then again, I should focus on writing fan fic or other stuffs to feed on my own obsession rather than waste time getting mad at those people? LOL!


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