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I’ve been listening to the songs these past years since I found out about it so I felt it was only right to finally write some sort of review about it.

1. Telling (告解). Though Jacky is known for this song over the years, I just can’t find myself to like it. Okay, I will admit it’s a good song, but it’s like I couldn’t get into it. The lyrics were good and meaningful enough and Jacky sang it really well, bringing a different feeling to it each time he tried to bring it up once again. Or perhaps I’m just really overwhelmed by it to appreciate it like possibly the first time.

2. She Is Not You (她不是妳). It took recently for the song to sink in for me. I’m serious, I guess I listened to it too much and got myself so sick of it (along with the first track) that I found it hard to appreciate. Yet listening to it more seriously for this review made me realize this song was very good in its own right. Sad and Jacky’s voice really brought out the feelings of the song.

3. Don’t You. Really catchy and powerful. This song was in the middle for me though it sort of grew on me after several listens but still not that convinced.

4. Can’t Bear To Be Lovers (捨不得當情人). This is my 2nd favorite song and it’s no surprise that I like this song a lot because I used it for inspirational purposes in the past to write fanfics or just do whatever. Sad song, but the lyrics are really good, the music flow nicely along with Jacky’s singing. The mix is very suitable for him. It’s not an exaggeration that I could sing along with this song. YES, that bad with memorizing it without trying. AND last but not least, it’s used for my ringtone for the past few years already.

5. Won’t Let You Cry (不讓你哭). I didn’t really appreciate this song until way later. Yes, another song that took a while to sink in. Despite the song title, I really wanted to cry when listening to this song. But then the lyrics made sense though. It was just that title was misleading, lol. A very good song, another well-written one.

6. Think It Through (想清楚). Until this day, I’m still having mixed feelings toward this song. I just can’t get into it.

7. Feeling So Right. I used to like this song a lot. Possibly because of its catchy vibe, but now not so much anymore. I meant it’s still a nice song to me, but I have shifted to more sad songs. Forget what I said, in the last 2 sentences. It’s just so catchy that I can’t help but sing along once again, lol. So this one is still my 3rd favorite song.

8. Red Wine (紅酒). Though Jacky sang this song with so much power and passion, I don’t care for this song like some of the others. Yes, I do admit the choice of words and nice arrangement, but I really couldn’t get into it.

9. I Want You (我要你). Ultimate favorite song in here. I just love the background music so much. This one started somewhat slowly but built itself up to bring a quite uplifting feeling. It was a mixture of cuteness and silliness rolled into one. But in a way, I guess it was reasonable to have some worries and/or insecurities in love.

10. Joke (笑話). 4th favorite song. Another sad song, no surprise. This song had this really haunting tone that you couldn’t help but get affected by it.

So, to total up, six songs I actually liked at first, eventually, or still like; four songs I don’t really care for though do know it’s good. So it’s actually a very good album overall. Of course, I don’t have this album and still on the hunt for it. Another slim chance but will try to get it one day.

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