GBA Celebration

Congratulations to Wilber Pan for getting the ‘Best Leading Actor’ award for Endless Love!

I have to say I was surprised YET happy all the same for him! Go Will!

2 thoughts on “GBA Celebration

  1. I only saw a few eps of Endless Love, and decided Wilber wasn’t exactly an oil painting, but his acting was sincere and compelling. Am I right in thinking this was his first major role?

  2. His first major role was actually in ‘Miss No Good’ with Rainie. Most people thought they lacked chemistry and Wilber wasn’t that good. (Which I agree on the first part more than the second part.) This one, I thought it was a huge leap but was surprised that he earned some recognition and then the win. Because usually it’s hard to predict the winner and I guess in a way it was. Not to mention, the script helped a lot because it was on a more serious level than the other one? Since the other one was after all a comedy more than drama. shrugs


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