Gold Pretty Girl: The Return of Bao Qing Tian

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Why the title? I merged it right in with the drama title just for kicks, lol. I first learned of the drama through Jun Ya’s Facebook. This is his new drama. With Bao Qing Tian Jin Chao Jun. (Go here, here, and here to read more on it. They’re about the same, except one or two article(s) has some additional details.)

Yet this time, Jin Chao Jun is just guest-starring in the drama, because he also had to take on the role of the director for the drama. Some of the main cast is as the first picture. That’s right, you’re not mistaking if you’ve spotted Fan Hong Xuan, because he’d also returned along with Bao Qing Tian (lol) and would also be participating in the drama. Too bad no Kenny Ho joining in as well with the fun or it would be the team of three again. Yet I guess Jun Ya could sub for him this time. (Jun Ya actually portrayed Zhan Zhao in one of the skits for FTV years back.) And what I thought when I saw Tang Qi was, if they invite Allen Chao in as well, it would crank it up even more with somewhat of a Bao Qing Tian reunion. (Yes, Tang Qi portrayed Allen Chao’s mother in one of the stories from the old Bao Qing Tian collection.) Oh yeah, almost forgot, Jin Chao Jun disclosed in one of the articles that he would do another Bao Qing Tian drama next year, but it would be his last one.

And there they were, the female population that was, trying to kiss Bao Da Ren, driving him insane just before the filming began. (LOL)

Anyway, back to the drama. It’s supposedly 13 episodes so it’s not bad. Director Jin wanted to bring in some refreshing feeling toward this drama. When asked about the pressures of being the director, he said he wouldn’t want to compare to others and it is more important that he do his job well. Someone mentioned about stepping down if the drama didn’t garner decent ratings, which sounded quite intense. Yet Director Jin said that no one would know for sure regarding ratings and hope to have the audience’s support.

After the blessing ceremony and all, some of the cast posted up more pictures and voiced their excitement of working with Director Jin.

So here’s to a successful project! I’ll update later when I find out even more details of the drama. (Yes, I just got so excited that I couldn’t wait for more info before updating.)

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