Haunting Past

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DISCLAIMER: The following is of fictional work and should not be taken seriously or be accounted for actual facts in any way. It is not aimed to confuse or mislead anyone for that matter. It is not meant to offend or disrespect any of the artists mentioned in the work either. Its purpose only serves to entertain and share with other fans who also like those artists. Thank you for reading.


Wallace entered the room, switched the light on, and lifted the curtains by the window. The routine had become automatic to him since the day she left. He never blamed her. Because what she said was true. All he ever had for her was pity. Not love nor sympathy. It had become too much for her to bear and she chose to leave, knowing he was too soft-hearted to say anything at all. Yet, ironically, since the day she left, he never stopped thinking about her. Was that what she had intended to do? Stealing his heart away with her since the day she silently stepped out of his life–with only a letter to explain herself. Or was that guilt because of how he treated her–with so much dishonesty these past years? He did not know. But for sure, she had occupied his thoughts more than he’d imagined possible.

Sitting there at the edge of her bed, he let his mind drift, reminiscing about the old days. He didn’t remember lingering in her room longer than this. In fact, it had been less than that. She was somewhat a roommate in his house and less than a friend. It was like taking in a pet yet the pet was given more attention. Aside from the typical greetings from time to time and the casual exchanges between their free times, he never purposely sought her out to talk. It wasn’t after he broke up with his girlfriend that he’d given her more attention. Though that was a mistake. And also the reason why she left. A broken heart wasn’t a good reason for his shift in attention. No one wanted to be someone’s shadow. Including her. Especially her. But she never realized the reason his girlfriend broke up with him was because of her. Though she was not to be blamed. Since he never realized her importance in his heart until she left. And it was too late. How could he explain it to her what was going on in his mind or what had actually happened when he didn’t even know it himself?

Was the conflict of his heart causing his negligence? Was he suppressing himself so hard that he had acted the opposite of what he had wanted to when they encountered one another? Another irony reeking its way into his life when he realized he had fallen into the trap of the so-called cliché formula he once poked fun at. The typical story of two roommates falling for each other. The difference was they at least acknowledged it and solved their obstacles. He only knew how to hide–until it was too late. Would it have made any difference if he had put up a bulletin stating males only instead of making exceptions for female cohabitants as well? Or would he have ended up fallen for his roommate’s sister if the other person was of the same gender? He didn’t know. If he could have predicted his actions or reactions so accurately, he wouldn’t land in this obstacle in the first place.

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2 thoughts on “Haunting Past

  1. vgag says:

    I love the atmospheric start. And it it so true about how often people confuse pity or sympathy for love. And I’m glad Wallace is in it. I hadn’t read any other RL fan fic featuring him before, so it’s good to read one.
    A reader’s request: how about putting a friendly, cuddly cat in it? It that’s not too random, that is.

  2. DTLCT says:

    LOL! Next time? Great…I’ll try…

    I got lazy with the poster because I’m starting to run out of Wallace pictures, lol. But maybe I’ll come up with something later.

    And it was inspired by this other song I was listening to at the time. Maybe I’ll post the song up later.


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