Here To Heart: 3-Minute Trailer

The drama’s page recently released a 3-minute trailer. (Click here to view it.) It looks super intense! Wah! I guess can’t have it all, right? I guess better modern soapy drama than if they put all the soaps in an ancient one. And as always, I’m behind on a lot of stuff so I’ll be sharing and gushing over some details.

Anyway, Hebe Tian will be singing the main theme of the drama. (If you haven’t recognized her voice for the song in the trailer already.) Exciting, eh? If you want to listen to the full version of the song, go here.

Hunan TV recently shared this collage that hey made of Janine and Zhang Han, comparing their past and recent roles, wondering about time travel or possible reincarnations, lol. How cute though! Just because of this, I think I’ll try to be more patient and stick around. I’ve gone through worse, lol.

The page shared this image to celebrate International Women’s Day awhile back. I thought it was pretty cool. All right, until next time.

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2 thoughts on “Here To Heart: 3-Minute Trailer

  1. The trailer does look soapy. I watched the first 14 episodes and I really like it so far…quite emotional especially Janine’s character who seem to have been traumatized by something in her past. Zhang Han’s character also seems hurt by the past so the two are carrying emotional baggage. I don’t know what to expect but I think these actors are doing well with the roles. Love them.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for commenting. Sorry that I was slow on approving comments and responding. Anyway, I finally found time to do a bit of catching up but not by much. I’m still at the first episode (sadly) and I’m intrigued by their pasts. I like it so far and hope to find out more about their characters as the series progress. And love them too! LOL!