Holidays Fun 2011

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As a gift to everyone this year, I thought of a fun activity. Well, hopefully, it would sound fun and NOT lame, LOL! But anyway, see the poll below? Not the fanfic poll, but the general…err…I meant the ‘regular’ poll. (My bad!) Though I’m freaked out by large numbers, it’s already out of control by now so why not mess with it even more, right? Let’s see how fast you guys can crank it up from today to the December 18. (My time SO don’t worry.) I’ll update results by Monday the 19th to tell you who won by then. What’s the purpose? The top 2 female and male will get a one-shot fanfic together on Christmas (the 25th). I’ll try to finish it one day ahead for people from the future (lol). IF I can. There will also be a regular fanfic (aka my usual long-winded chapters) for next year. That will not be fast though I’ll focus on finishing it faster than the current unfinished ones.

If there are ties with votes, I’ll toss in some triangle or some weird stories OR make it two couples (if somehow there are actually two males and females tying in the poll). Couples that come in second places will also be placed in the one-shot and regular fanfics as a bonus. If there are ties with the 2nd couple, the same will be done as with the 1st couple.

However–YES, here comes the catch, I will not count the ones in ‘Others’ because those are not my top priorities as of recent obsessions. The reason for it is: I would like to see how crazy the mix would end up being and could possibly create a new pairing. OR not. Just saying. So go ahead and have fun!

Oh yeah, this will be counted as the number of points (of course) and not percentage as you guys see in the results. I will do a poll update sometime next week (or more like this coming week) so you could get some sort of a checkpoint for it until the deadline. Nice?

So thoughts? Who are you rooting for? Could be a pairing from the past that you supported or some interesting combo you would like to see. Who am I rooting for? Not really sure. I actually want Ady to win and it could push my efforts to get in more stories for her. Maybe Ady and Vic? NOT sure. It could be interesting. The others? It’s not that I don’t like them because that would be too funny since I created a poll including them after all. It’s just that I have so many fanfics regarding the others already–except for some, so it would be refreshing to see a different pairing and something new for me to work with. Or maybe Ady and Hu Ge since I do love them together, LOL! How about the second couple? Zhao Jun Ya and Xiao Xiao Yu. I included them in one of the current fanfics and have them as a pairing in another underground fanfic but I wouldn’t mind drawing up another one for them. But I think ZJY might gain votes faster than XXY though she isn’t doing that bad for now, considering how I just added her several months back. So that’s it for me.

Regardless of who you support, please do not attack other pairings or possible pairings. Thanks!



Q: Can I vote more than one time?
A: Yes, you can. I have already switched the settings so you wouldn’t get blocked by cookies settings and the like. If it doesn’t work, reset your Internet settings, etc.

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