Hong Ju Zi Artists: Updates

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Okay, so I was so lazy about updating some of them that I think I need to do something about it. I am not sure with some of them BUT I’ll update on the ones I know about.

Chen Yi (I know he’s not with Tangerine anymore BUT just want to put it here anyway) and his band-mate, Kris Shen, are currently promoting their latest album, WOW–and should be seen on various shows and/or at various events.

Jacky’s activeness on a certain singing competition show has ended, but he’s seen around on Season 2 to be supporting his brother, James. (I still DO NOT want to talk about it. I seriously agreed with the result and who the winner was for the last season, BUT still feel like something was fishy, like someone was playing us big time with the build of the hype.)

Our little fish and Mr. Tang Feng are currently promoting their latest project–Rookies’ Diary (新兵日記). Another military-related one for Tang Feng and some similar cast from Our Island, Our Dreams, but hopefully, it would receive a better reception from the viewers.

Makiyo was seen on various shows–games and talk shows. She was also on a certain singing competition show twice–trying to help, BUT it failed–unfortunately. (Yes, that same one that I still DO NOT want to talk about.)

Sweety related stuff–Esther’s currently continuing her studies in Shanghai (if you haven’t caught up on it yet). As for Miss Tseng, she has been absent from the ET community for a while, but is back and is supposedly filming a Mainland drama right now, which is considered somewhat like Meet the Parents but there hasn’t been much news of it. Hopefully, it is still going on.

NO idea what the rest of the people are doing OR if they are still with Tangerine since the company’s website is still down.

For more stalking, please access this page.

*Most images were captured and/or scanned by DTLCT and some were by SoTN

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2 thoughts on “Hong Ju Zi Artists: Updates

  1. I had the idea that some of the supposed ‘Meet the Parents’ drama with our Qiao Qiao in it was going to be filmed in Tainan? I think it’s going to be about 30 episodes long–which I hope is not too many–and Baron Chen is going to play her brother. I must admit I’m looking forward to its coming out after the mix-up and disappointment over Love Buffet!

  2. @vgag – Really? 30 eps? Eekk! We will have to see the length of it. ‘Cause if it’s over an hour an ep., that would definitely be draggy. If it’s like 30 mins or so, it won’t be as bad. I hope that they won’t cancel it OR anything. Seriously, I’ll been waiting forever with something that has Qiao Qiao in it. Glad that Tang Feng and Xiao Xiao Yu has something finally though.

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