Hu Ge wants to be Ling Hu Chong

(image credit: scanned by DTLCT)

This is nothing new since it has been like years back that Hu Ge mentioned this in one of his interviews. But I just thought of something that I gotta share. In case anyone didn’t read or hear about it yet, Hu Ge had said that if he was in some Jin Yong adaptation, he would pick to be Ling Hu Chong (令狐沖). However, he also said that there have been numerous adaptations in the past already so it would not be highly likely that he would be able to fulfill this wish.

So adaptations aside, I thought if he had a chance, he would be perfect for the role. Why? I was just listening to music and suddenly remember some parts from Chinese Paladin. (Don’t ask, my mind is random like that.) Anyway, the part I was thinking about was from the first part when Xiao Yao kept drinking away and suffering with how Ling Er was leaving him. Whatever, I don’t really remember that much anymore. Then Yue Ru kept having to take care of him while he was drunk. (Though she could choose not to, I know, BUT this is not about the catfight topic, so I shouldn’t even go on regarding that.) That part was really well done because he managed to capture the essence of his character. Then it somehow reminded me of the part where Ling Hu Chong got drunk because Yue Ling Shan misunderstood him–AGAIN. Then along came Ren Ying Ying who was in search of the music score and of course she was told Ling Hu Chong had it. She found Ling Hu Chong all drunk and mumbling away, which she attempted to take care of him. (This was actually in TVB’s ’80s version with CYF and Rebecca Chan.)

Bottom line? Seeing Hu Ge in those scenes, I thought he could make a more convincing Ling Hu Chong than some of the recent adaptations. Too bad…

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