Hua Shan * 24

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“Memory is an accumulation of impressions of the people and things you meet.”

Blue portrayed an MV director, Vin, in here while Annie was a tour guide, Xin You. Vin could be seen as a strict director who was almost like a perfectionist, always seeking for a unique style and relied on his inspirations to create the stories for the MVs. Vin and Xin You met during the preparations for the shoot of a new MV in which the leading actress could not make it so Xin You became the new leading actress instead–upon the singer’s request.

It seemed that Vin and Xin You had already met before but she did not show any signs of knowing him at all. He asked her about a car model that she had on her desk and she only replied that she liked to collect it. It seemed strange to him but he did not pursue it further since they were prompt for time with the shooting.

However, he attempted to strike up a conversation with her once again during one of the breaks to investigate more into the situation. Thinking that she might have pretended to not know him, he continued to ask questions about the place, Hua Shan. Lens (Alan Kuo)–the singer–stepped in to interrupt them once again, offering Xin You a carton of milk to which Vin snatched it from her and gave it to ‘Duckling’ (Tammy Chen, lol), saying that Xin You’s allergic to milk and that she could only drink tea. At first, the others suspected he was jealous of Lens upon snatching the milk from Xin You but after explaining his actions, they realized the two must have known each other for him to know about her allergies.

When asked, “Do you know him?”, Xin You replied casually with a “No” to which it seemed like a slap in the face for Vin although he recovered quickly, instructing for the ‘Duckling’ to continue with work.

Filming went smoothly until a certain ‘friend’ decided to visit. Scared, Xin You jumped up and was rescued by Lens. Because the others could not see that certain bug or possibly because of Vin’s jealousy, he flared up and yelled at the other two, calling the day off. Aside from that little hurdle, they managed to finish the MV with all edits, making Lens satisfied with the result. (If only it was finished since that was only a portion of the MV.)

It seemed that Lens got the flu from ‘Duckling’ so she had to inform Vin of the information, trying to get in some rest time for Lens. While she was talking to Lens, Xin You told Lens to extend his hand. He asked why but she just grabbed his hand and drew a ‘well’ into his hand. He asked why again to which she brought his hand up to his mouth, making him drink it so he would be well again. (Vin caught the last bit of it, realizing it was the same gestures he had done with ‘Duckling’ earlier.)

Enraged, Vin finally yelled out in frustration, questioning Xin You about her change in taste of men. Confused, Xin You struck back, demanding an explanation for his weird behaviors toward her. After a few words being exchanged that led to nowhere, Vin finally whipped out the picture of the two of them from his wallet, proving to her that they did know one another.

So the truth was finally revealed that they had a promise to meet again one day since she left for the States. However, it was not just that. They had an argument and broke up. She had an accident and suffered from selective amnesia. Finally learning the truth, he rushed after her.

On the other hand, Xin You had stumbled upon the place where they buried her wish years back. Her memory of him began to come back slowly but still bits and pieces of it. Discovering their hiding place, she dug up the piece of shingle that was used to write her wish during their last depart–before the argument. Vin arrived at that time and helped her finish the task. Upon reading the words written on it, Xin You felt the familiarity yet distant feeling within her.

So it was decided that they would start anew again–with getting to know their current selves instead of forcing her memories to come back.

Okay, this was my second time watching these two together so I must say I really love them together. They have great chemistry that it did not fade or seemed boring after a second time.

On a side note, it was very funny and cute to see Tammy Chen as a guest in here. It was a bit unbelievable that she was just Blue’s assistant in here. But still a cute scene between them with her trying to continue working despite her flu and him giving her a ‘well’ pill.

Overall, this was an average one since the theme of losing memory is over-killed already. (Not to mention it seemed to be a rip-off of I Do.) However, I liked it that it did not force Xin You to remember and then the whole happily ever after scene just like that. I thought it was more realistic in letting it rest like that, not letting the whole ‘miracle’ thing come into place too much with recovering her memory. But it just let everything went as flow and how they started over like two people who did not know each other. It was not cheesy but it was meaningful. Nice one. I also liked the phrases being said in here also. It created a very nice feeling in general.

*Note*: This was the second story and part of the movie L-O-V-E.

*All images were scanned or captured by DTLCT

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