I’m So Hot

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I remember stumbling upon a review about 183 Club’s first album during its release. One of the comments made regarding their song selection that I still remember was: “No other boyband would ever pull this song off” in regards to “I’m So Hot” and I was laughing my eyes out reading it since I must agree with the reviewer and the words that followed.

Just for the sake of this song, maybe I should go into details about the topic also. (Though I don’t usually discuss appearances or ‘hotness’ much or care for it.) But for once, let’s have some fun, right?

So…moving on, how hot are they? As a band, NOT so much anymore! They’re so yesterday–to say the least. (That’s mean and I don’t want to admit it after a year or so already. But let’s not lie to ourselves any longer, right?) And you guys thought that I was talking about physical appearances, right? (I meant public appearances.)

For starters, who has the most public exposure as of now?

Ehlo Huang Yu Rong (黃玉榮) – Off the radar as far as news has it. And My Queen doesn’t count since he only appears for a bit.

Jacky Chu/ Zhu Fan Gang (祝釩剛) – Minimal since he has been trying to make a comeback. But he’s not fending so bad himself. We just need an album release (which some fans are getting quite long-necked by now). 

Johnny Yan Xing Shu (顏行書) – On a bigger scale since he has gone back to basketball.

Matthew Lin Ming Dao (明道) – He has been receiving work left and right so he is getting more than enough exposure as it is. Oh yeah,  Always Smile is airing right now so there you go with more exposure.

Sam Wang Shao Wei (王少偉) – Enough since Mo Nu 18 Hao is airing right now and also because of his appearances with 5566. (I guess being in two bands helps a lot.) Not to mention that he has a bakery so…

Rumors were circulating after Jacky and Johnny left that there was going to be recruitment for new members. Many fans objected to it despite the fact that it was a possibility to resurrect the band’s activeness. However, in the end, those were rumors after all. Let’s say that those weren’t rumors and they’d gone through with recruiting new members. Though I do not doubt the remaining members for having a kind nature to accept new members, fans won’t take it lightly since there would be comparisons. Whether talented or talentless, there is already a frame of mindset in for the band as a group and also as individuals having their own unique personality that fans had come to like.

I know I promised a follow-up with them regarding singing and acting when I was doing the “Yi Ba San” post but got carried away with this one since I was searching through old MVs and found these so listened to it and couldn’t help but blog this.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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1 thought on “I’m So Hot

  1. vgag says:

    What a coincidence! Two friends and I watched the MV of ‘I’m So Hot’ last night! I think you are right about their ability to carry the song off. I think it was because they were indeed ‘hot’ in the appearance sense, but they always looked friendly rather than dangerous and had a good sense of humour. Even quite conservative people would wind up laughing at their antics rather than being offended.
    Jacky is getting regular work as a singer–I’m not sure what this latest basketball gig is–is he a host? But I agree that he needs to build up enough momentum to do bring out a solo album or some concerts. Jia you!


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