iHero: Episode 11

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

A very disturbing scene with the culprit (face not shown, obviously) holding a saw and screams were heard. It turned out that the victim was some guy’s mother. Her hand was chopped off and sent to her son, Zhao Shan Hong (趙善宏). That was when the team was called in. Yang Qian asked the usual questions: if the mother had any enemies or had been in disagreements with anyone. The son answered no. Yang Qian told him to remember carefully and not hide stuff since the ‘golden time frame’ would pass away soon. He finally showed them the text message demanding ransom.

They awakened Professor Yang in the middle of the night just to test a finger so he made them help him, lol. They had to determine which type of blade was used to saw off the finger. It was confirmed that the person was still alive when the finger was severed, so they still have some time. But they must work faster because it was a hostage situation. It wasn’t until the result was out with the person being right-handed and possibly a doctor that the victim’s son finally told them of a possible suspect. He disclosed that they were being pestered and threatened by that person.

When the doctor was confronted, he was hostile. He told them if they wanted to arrest him, they must have a warrant. Yang Qian was taken aback by his attitude. Yet she soon recovered and told him they weren’t there to arrest him. His hostility didn’t cease. He asked right back–attitude intact–why they were there. He wanted to leave after some more attitude, but Yang Qian asked him whether he knew about Xiao You Lan (蕭佑蘭)’s disappearance. He turned back and gave them more attitude (nothing new), saying that of course, he didn’t know and that he didn’t want to know. He emphasized that he didn’t care whether she lived or died. Yang Qian tried to taunt him, saying that it seemed like they had quite a past. He turned around again, saying that if they were conned out of their ‘lifetime achievement’, they would be pissed off too. He outright said that it was the other family that had stolen his ideas, so he had every right to be pissed off.

Just when Yang Qian was over at Lei Gong’s place to give him some files, Professor Yang was looking for Lei Gong so Yang Qian had to hide. So, what was so urgent that Professor Yang had to seek Lei Gong out at his place? Yang Qian forgot her cell phone at home so Professor Yang wanted Lei Gong to give it to her. He saw from her phone log that the last person she called was Lei Gong so he had to follow the lead and came searching, lol. Lei Gong said he didn’t know where Yang Qian was (righttttt…). Professor Yang’s sharp eyes saw the extra cup on the table so he asked if Lei Gong had a guest over. Lei Gong answered yes but the other person just left. Professor Yang said that he was leaving as well yet he ended up walking toward the living room, lol. By now, Yang Qian was lying on the sofa yet had covered her head. Lei Gong had to make up an excuse, saying that the person was drunk so he let that person stay for now. OMG, Yang Qian couldn’t fake it anymore, she got up from her place and called out, “Dad”, which shocked Lei Gong. No, wait, so the others didn’t know? (I thought that was why Lei Gong didn’t dare to approach Yang Qian or start a relationship with her, i.e. he was fearing Professor Yang’s wrath.) Yet it was funny how Professor Yang wasn’t upset or anything when they tried to explain. He just let them be and said he was leaving, etc. LOL!

Meanwhile, Jing Ling was inquiring the victim’s son again. He was definitely hiding something. When confronted, he once again pointed the finger at the doctor. Then another piece of crucial information unraveled as Jing Ling used the guy’s nervousness to extract more information.

They finally have a dead body. But it wasn’t the lady being kidnapped. It was the doctor. He was arguing with a mystery person and got taken care of. Tou Mu discovered something while the others were processing the scene. It was a suicide note the killer left to throw them off. The pills used were rare and inaccessible on the market. It had to come from elsewhere (i.e. suspicious means). Yang Qian pointed out that the victim was a doctor so he could acquire it in any way. Lei Gong agreed but listed other reasons. He also stated that if the victim were to drink wine, it would accelerate the effects of the medications. When Yang Qian asked if there was a way to determine how much he drank, Tou Mu said that there was no wine around. Lei Gong was still searching so Tou Mu got offended and said that his nose was really good so if there was any type of wine around, he could detect it. Yang Qian was staring at him so he said if they wanted to search, it was fine with him. Yet he pointed out that it was strange how someone was planning to die yet managed to get rid of the wine container before returning to the scene to die. (LOL! Good point!)

It was confirmed that it wasn’t suicide. Someone had forced fed the doctor the medications. Professor Yang actually knew this guy. He said they used to be classmates. It was just that the other guy had forgotten the real reason why they’d become doctors. He noted that money seriously could kill people.

When Yang Qian went back to check on Zhao Shan Hong, she saw him drinking. She asked him if he knew the seriousness of the circumstance and why he was drinking. He said because he knew so he needed it. She suspected he had something to do with it hence worrying. He was offended, saying if he needed money, he could just get it. He was only upset that she used all her money on her ‘young boyfriends.’ Yang Qian told him the doctor was dead. He seemed surprised but not for long, stating that he knew something would happen. Yang Qian asked him what he meant. He had sought out and talked to the doctor’s disciple, Lv Pin Sheng (呂品生). The discussion was about medications. Zhao Shan Hong was afraid that it would harm others, and even if his mom loved money, she wouldn’t harm others. Lv Pin Sheng said Zhao Shan Hong didn’t need to worry since there wouldn’t be a problem. Zhao Shan Hong also added that his mother didn’t know of the whole situation, but only suspected the doctor was pulling some tricks.

The chase was on. Yang Qian was the one chasing Lv Pin Sheng down while Xiao Gao and Angel were in the lab giving her directions. They had managed to track Lv Pin Sheng via GPS. (Interesting that Angel was calling Yang Qian “Xiao Qian” since only her father called her by that nickname.) Lin Sir was back in the scene earlier, telling them that Xiao Xiang had managed to locate Lv Pin Sheng hence the chase now. When they arrived at the scene, Xiao Xiang was knocked out by Lv Pin Sheng yet Yang Qian managed to take him down. The team soon entered and checked out the place. They were able to find Xiao You Lan. She was still alive. It was time to process the scene and collect all evidence so Lv Pin Sheng couldn’t say anything else. Of course, Lv Pin Sheng was so slick, trying to keep it cool and dodging at every turn. Yet he finally reacted when it was obvious they had all the evidence they needed. It turned out that Lv Pin Sheng was pissed off with how Xiao You Lan was using all their money (not hers) to play around. So he snapped and planned the kidnapping. He executed it so easily because she trusted him. The doctor also had a part in it, but it was mostly because he was pissed off too and wanted his money back. Lv Pin Sheng said that the doctor knew too much. The doctor wanted out so he was going to tell everything, he just had to go. Before Xiao Xiang led Lv Pin Sheng away, he told Yang Qian to help him apologize to the doctor’s family.

Professor Yang was singing. Cute! Lei Gong finally managed to find the old disc of that one classic song by that famous singer. Professor Yang, of course, knew something was up. When he asked if Lei Gong wanted to ask him for a favor or something, Lei Gong said he was just trying to make up for that one awkward meeting at his house the last time. It was the one Professor Yang walked in on Lei Gong and Yang Qian. Professor Yang said it was all right since he understood young people and all. Yet Lei Gong was still trying to explain. It was too hard, lol. Yet he tried to get past that, saying he wanted to apologize when he mentioned ‘the scent’ incident. His wording was wrong hence causing even more trouble.

Meanwhile, Lin Sir was seen elsewhere talking to his friend and the friend’s wife. After some jokes, she left so Lin Sir finally had a chance to ask about something. It was a favor he asked previously. The friend shook his head, indicating still no leads.

Lin Sir and his wife had an argument. He was explaining to her the reason why he went to a bar was because it was some work-related stuff. He said before she married him, she knew about his job. She pointed out that he didn’t need to go to some bar to solve cases in the past. She added that she didn’t know since when he couldn’t live without bars. She then told him to sign the divorce papers. She said the sooner he signed, the faster it would release (free) the both of them. After some brief pause, he told his wife to give Liang Liang (their kid) the cake and tell Liang Liang that he hadn’t forgotten his promise. She seemed touched by his gesture. Yet soon returned and scolded him, even tossing the cake in his face. Because she’d found the receipt and realized that he’d relied on the girls at the bar to help him buy the cake. He tried to call her back and explain but it was no use.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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