iHero: Episode 12

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode answered the cliff hanger in the previous episode. Lin Sir was seen searching for something around his desk when he saw the news about Wang Ying Kun (王英坤). They did a little backtrack of storytelling to fill in some details. The first time was at an overpass seven days ago at 1:35 a.m. Gunshots were heard, a body was found. Then three days ago at 11:17 p.m., another gunshot and another dead body at what looked like a park or possibly some kind of stadium. According to the news, it might be gang-related. Then six hours earlier at 2:29 a.m., someone was walking along a deserted road. The road soon turned into a regular street area, that person had tried to sneak up on some guy–who was seen puking outside a structure. This guy seemed to put up a stronger fight but the result was the same.

As usual, the team arrived at the scene with the majority of them processing it while Yang Qian and Xiao Xiang asked around for details or possible additional witnesses. It was disclosed by one of the witnesses that that person in black (seen walking around suspiciously before the gunshot was heard) had to use a cane as his aid. When Yang Qian and Xiao Xiang went to the area to check it out, Xiao Xiang got scolded since he was walking too carelessly so Yang Qian had to remind him about possible footprints. He understood and soon discovered a water bottle lying nearby. They, of course, had to call Lei Gong and the others over to process it. They had also found some smudges, not too sure if footprints or other types of marks.

The victim was confirmed to be Pan Fang Qi (潘方崎). He served five years in prison previously. Lei Gong reported to Lin Sir that they were investigating in the direction of revenge. Lin Sir praised him before telling Lei Gong to update him if there were any progress. So Lei Gong went back to work as Lin Sir was talking on the phone to someone. What caught Lei Gong’s interest was when Lin Sir mentioned Pan Fang Qi to the other party, saying he already knew what happened to Pan Fang Qi. After saying that they would talk more when they meet up, he hung up and left. Lei Gong was still staring at him, pondering what that was all about.

Angel found some leads regarding the shoe prints left near the crime scene. Next, Tou Mu demonstrated how one would walk according to the prints left behind. Yang Qian blurted out that that person was having trouble moving around. Tou Mu confirmed. Tou Mu bragged about how his grandpa showed him ways to tell between different types of mountain pigs–female or male–or other traits by looking at footprints. Angel followed up by saying that it would be the same with the shoe prints. They would be able to know the height, body weight, and other details by analyzing the prints.

Meanwhile, Lin Sir was seen heading to his car. Once inside, he reminisced back to years ago. They were in some arena trying to catch someone. It was a good chance, according to one of the guys. Apparently, they had one of the undercover cops in there so Lin Sir didn’t want to take the risk yet whoever it was that decided to call him at that time (and he didn’t turn his phone to vibrate) had caused his life. That was also when Lin Sir’s leg was injured hence the need to use a cane to get around since then. After the flashback, Lin Sir was seen meeting with an old friend, Wu De (吳德), at the seaside. It was one of the guys from the mission of years ago. They discussed the three deaths. Lin Sir said he initially thought it was some usual conflicts among some groups yet it seemed like it wasn’t so simple. Not long after, Lin Sir excused himself because it was Ah Fu (阿福)’s death anniversary day. (Ah Fu was the undercover cop who died ten years ago.) Lin Sir also said that he was meeting up with Wei Zhe (偉哲), Ah Fu’s son. He felt responsible for Ah Fu’s death and wanted to be there for Wei Zhe. Wu De said that the person who shot Ah Fu wasn’t Lin Sir, so he didn’t need to feel responsible.

While the others continued to investigate the three deaths, which two were initially declared as suicide, Lin Sir was seen meeting up with Wei Zhe. They talked about how it had been ten years already. It was also revealed that Wei Zhe’s mother had passed away three years ago. Wei Zhe soon asked Lin Sir if all those people who had caused his father’s death got their deserved sentences. Lin Sir remembered back to the scenes where Wu De tried to falsify witness testimony against the killer. Yet he didn’t say anything in that nature to Wei Zhe, but he reassured Wei Zhe that all parties had gotten what they deserved. The flashback continued with Lin Sir arguing with Wu De. Lin Sir had asked Wu De if they were behaving in that way, they were no different than the criminals. Wu De said it wasn’t as simple as black and white in this world or the world wouldn’t need cops like them. He reasoned that they were the ones dealing with the gray areas. He even asked if Lin Sir was new. He told Lin Sir to follow his commands, and if Lin Sir didn’t want to think for himself, he should think for his wife and kid.

While Professor Yang was briefing them, Tou Mu was taking snapshots. When Professor Yang mentioned a certain part, Tou Mu jumped in and said to Lei Gong, “I told you so.” That, of course, earned an evil eye from Lei Gong. Yet Tou Mu said, “The M.E. said it.” Professor Yang was staring back and forth between them. Lei Gong tried to get past that and continue with his conjectures yet Tou Mu kept jumping with his ‘yes.’ Professor Yang after the many ‘yes’ had also turned to look at Tou Mu. It got even more interesting when Lei Gong tried to trap him. He wasn’t paying attention, lol. So funny how Tou Mu was hiding behind Professor Yang with the answers, lol. Lei Gong kept giving him evil eyes, but he was still able to smile. Of course, considering how he felt he had the upper hand at this point. Tou Mu finally got the message and told them both that he was going to go help Xiao Gao. After he left, Professor Yang shook his head before proceeding.

Lei Gong met Lin Sir later at the parking garage to give him some files on the latest developments. They were actually only working on the case regarding Pan Fang Qi since the other two cases weren’t within their jurisdiction. Yet Lin Sir was asking about it, which was puzzling to Lei Gong, considering how he heard some bits of the conversation earlier. What was careless on their part was how Lin Sir just tossed the files Lei Gong gave him into the driver’s side when Wei Zhe was right there. What was more, Lin Sir wanted to talk to Lei Gong about the cases so they walked away from the car a bit, so that left time for Wei Zhe to explore–if he wanted to. Anyway, after the discussions, Lin Sir once again told Lei Gong to update him if there were any news and Lei Gong had said ‘of course.’ Yet whether Wei Zhe had used the opportunity to his advantage or not, he was asking Lin Sir about the case and what he overheard. Lin Sir didn’t disclose much, except confirming about Pan Fang Qi.

At the lab, Tou Mu was showing Lei Gong the 3-D reconstruction of what happened. According to all marks found at the scene, the reconstruction matched with what Professor Yang said regarding how the attacker and the victim knew each other. Lei Gong then asked Tou Mu to look into the other two cases, the suicide deaths. Tou Mu wondered why since it wasn’t in their jurisdiction anyway. Tou Mu asked if it was related to Pan Fang Qi.

That night, Lin Sir had another meeting with his wife. She still persisted with the divorce. She once again repeated that it was better they let go faster. The constant tugging wasn’t benefiting anyone. She said that if he didn’t have her and Liang Liang, he still have Wei Zhe and his mother. Lin Sir jumped in to ask her how many times must he explain it to her. She said no matter how many times, she couldn’t accept it. She also confessed that at times she thought Wei Zhe was his kid. Lin Sir asked her if she knew what she was talking about (i.e. the seriousness of the accusation). She didn’t like it that he was taking care of other people’s families and not his own. (Seriously? Yeah, it wasn’t his responsibility like how he shouldn’t feel guilty about Ah Fu’s death since it wasn’t under his control–like Wu De said. But I initially thought his wife didn’t know so it would be fine if she misunderstood. But this? Sure, it made sense she wanted the love and attention and focus on her family. But if she said stuff like that, then they seriously don’t understand or know each other at all. Yes, I agree with her, better to part ways, since he deserved better than all these accusations.)

After a night of searching, both Yang Qian and Lei Gong found what they needed to unlock the mystery of Lin Sir’s suspicious behaviors of recent. Both wanted to tell the other person what they discovered yet didn’t know how to start. Lei Gong went ahead anyway after much hesitation. (Yes, it was hard, considering how they really respected Lin Sir.) They both shared information about how all the three dead men used to be involved in this one case of ten years ago. Lin Sir’s name came up in the files. He was the one who signed off for the confessions of the three witnesses regarding to Ah Fu’s killers. (It was fake witnesses since Wu De had pulled some strings to force them into becoming witnesses and saying how their best option at that point was that hence the three men’s confession.)

So Lei Gong (acting on another superior’s orders) ended up having a talk with Lin Sir. Lei Gong didn’t want to act on it, because it could all be a misunderstanding, but he was given a 24-hour deadline. He had to approach things carefully now. He began by saying that the reports of Li Yun Tian (李雲天), Wang Ying Kun, and Pan Fang Qi were out. He said that there was a suspect. He hesitated a while before blurting out that the suspect’s right foot had been disabled from an old injury. Lin Sir knew they were suspecting him, so he said it out anyway. He said he was also an officer so he would’ve come to that conclusion too. He then asked Lei Gong if the superiors were putting pressure on him (Lei Gong) to do the deed. Lei Gong didn’t say anything, but Lin Sir told Lei Gong to do his job. He said he didn’t have anything to hide. So Lei Gong took Lin Sir’s cup and the bottle to extract DNA for comparison.

The others were all in the hallway, waiting for the result. When Lei Gong came out, they still didn’t say anything. When he settled down next to Yang Qian on the steps, Yang Qian got up and went to stand by Jing Ling. Lei Gong, seeing that he wasn’t winning any sort of popularity contest among them, got up and left. Yet Jing Ling stopped him. She wanted to ask if he really retrieved Lin Sir’s DNA to check it against the suspect’s. Soon, Tou Mu was riled up as well. Yet when he asked Xiao Gao to back him up, Xiao Gao said that he had thought of it being Lin Sir (of course basing it on the evidence they had so far). Tou Mu and Jing Ling scolded Xiao Gao for suspecting one of their own. Tou Mu was on a roll, he told Lei Gong to collect all of their DNAs too and go run it, considering how they must all be suspects too. Lei Gong still didn’t speak up to justify his actions. Because the DNA had matched. Even if he didn’t want to believe it.

So Yang Qian had to do her job with interrogating the suspect. Unlike past cases, Yang Qian apologized to him before they began. She asked for his understanding. He said he knew. She started by asking questions about Pan Fang Qi. He stated that he knew him because he was part of the gang that he investigated ten years ago. While Yang Qian was questioning him, Tou Mu and Angel went to his place to check it out. Lin Sir admitted that he stayed in contact with Pan Fang Qi, but he had explained that he didn’t have any reason to kill Pan Fang Qi. He said among the three, Pan Fang Qi truly wanted to repent his past wrongs. Yang Qian said it was strange all three died within the past ten days like that. Not to mention they were all his past witnesses. Lin Sir said he was also pondering about that. Then back at Lin Sir’s apartment, Tou Mu found a gun stuffed in one of the furniture. So when Lin Sir told Yang Qian in the interrogation room that he didn’t have any other pieces of evidence to prove his innocence yet he had to emphasize with her that he really didn’t kill anyone, it really reeked of irony. (Someone really have it good for him.)

When Jing Ling asked Lei Gong if he really thought Lin Sir did it, Lei Gong said that they haven’t found any other stronger evidence to pinpoint exactly so they couldn’t come to conclusions as of now. (Well, someone provided them with a really good piece of evidence to persuade them already.) Jing Ling then told Lei Gong they must believe in Lin Sir’s innocence. However, she stated that there was an inconsistency with his words earlier. It was the part where the witnesses were mentioned. (Yes, he was guilty of hiding the fact that Wu De was falsifying witnesses. It didn’t matter that the dude they pointed fingers at really killed Ah Fu, it was more like the other three dudes didn’t see it with their own eyes. Especially during all those chaotic moments.) Jing Ling said that his expression became different, totally not how he would react during usual times–like he was really hiding something. Then Tou Mu and Xiao Xiang were waiting for the results of the bullet comparisons and all. When Tou Mu said that they were done for, Xiao Xiang thought the sample wasn’t admissible. Yet it was far from that, the bullets matched. When Yang Qian asked Angel to give her one bit of good news (among all of the other news they’d received so far after tests were being done around the center), Angel told her she couldn’t. Because the shoe prints they found at the scene matched with Lin Sir’s shoes. (One more down.) Angel had one more bad news to deliver. The black jacket the suspect wore that night was found in Lin Sir’s office. (Wouldn’t they think it’s too much of a coincidence with them finding every needed item lying around? Of course, I got it that they all couldn’t believe it. But if he really did it, wouldn’t he be more careful? Like with his experience and intelligence, he could carry it off without leaving all these incriminating evidence behind. Unless he’s suicidal.) When Yang Qian said that there were many people wearing that same type of black jacket too, Angel said the difference was fire powders were found on the jacket. That was when Yang Qian felt defeated. This time, they were beaten by too much evidence. When Yang Qian was taking it out on nearby objects, Angel blurted out that she was just following the evidence and she redid the tests several times already, and that she was telling truth according to what she’d found out, she couldn’t just say whatever Yang Qian wanted to hear. Yang Qian yelled right back, saying that she didn’t want Angel to do anything against her duty. (She was just frustrated. Well, they both were and were just taking it out on each other.)  When she finally calmed down, Yang Qian apologized to Angel, saying she didn’t mean to pick on Angel. She patted Angel’s shoulder before leaving.

Meeting time. Lei Gong asked Angel first what she’d found out through her tests. She couldn’t say anything so Yang Qian did, stating she’ll help Angel say it out. Then it was Tou Mu’s turn. Lei Gong had to ask Yang Qian about her thoughts on it. She used her police officer conjectures to state that it might be because Lin Sir couldn’t accept the other three witnesses getting off because they’d become witnesses so he ended up taking justices into his hands–outside of the system’s boundaries. Yang Qian then asked if Lei Gong was satisfied. Tou Mu couldn’t stand it anymore, he blurted out that it wasn’t like the Lin Sir they knew at all. Lei Gong finally stopped him, asking Tou Mu how much he knew of Lin Sir outside of work. That was when Angel lost it, saying that Lei Gong could never completely believe anyone. Lei Gong returned her comment by saying how he was just analyzing the situation accordingly, not attacking anyone in particular. He continued by asking others if they think that Lin Sir didn’t have any other thoughts of them and repeated his question that he asked Tou Mu earlier, which was if they all think they really understand Lin Sir well. That was when Yang Qian rushed off. Lei Gong yelled after her, asking where she was going. She said she was going to talk to Lin Sir. Upon hearing that, Lei Gong rushed after her.

When they were in the room, Yang Qian blurted out all the evidence that they’d found so far. She told him to tell the truth or they couldn’t help him anymore. He stated that he didn’t know how all of that evidence got there. Yet he finally said that they could go ahead and do what they needed to do. Yang Qian apologized to him again before officially arresting him. Yet his wife jumped in and stopped her. She said that he couldn’t possibly be responsible and that he was a police officer enforcing justices, not breaking the laws. Lin Sir stopped her then, telling her that the others had tried their best already. He said it was most important she’d believed him. Before accepting his arrest, Lin Sir said that he believed the others could investigate the matter thoroughly.

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