iHero: Episode 13

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode continued with Wei Zhe visiting Lin Sir. He just found out about Lin Sir’s arrest. Lin Sir didn’t want to tell him because it wasn’t anything worth mentioning. Wei Zhe said that he had sought out a lawyer for Lin Sir yet the lawyer said the chance wasn’t high with all the evidence piling up. Lin Sir believed in his team, knowing they wouldn’t let him down.

Meanwhile, Lei Gong was seeking out Wu De. Wu De didn’t believe that Lin Sir did it. He said that Lin Sir was a very righteous person, hating the criminals and all, but he wouldn’t abuse his position to do otherwise. He repeated Lin Sir’s phrase previously about not using other means to justify one’s own actions.

What was disturbing about the whole conversation between Lin Sir and Wei Zhe was Wei Zhe’s attitude. Lin Sir was saying how it didn’t matter if anyone else believed him, but it was important that Wei Zhe believed his innocence. Yet Wei Zhe said that with Lin Sir’s constant vouch of innocence, it wasn’t helping matters. (What?) Lin Sir somewhat struggled, saying that he didn’t. Wei Zhe interrupted him and said that he had signed the papers, so he should know. (He meant the papers with the fake witnesses of ten years ago.)

Lei Gong soon asked about Pan Fang Qi. Wu De said that Pan Fang Qi was just someone who’d gotten into the wrong type of mess. He wasn’t that bad. Wu De disclosed that it was Pan Fang Qi who caused Lin Sir’s leg to become disabled. Because of that, he really regretted it. Over the years, he had helped Lin Sir with the leg by trying to do those therapy sessions.

Back to the conversation between Lin Sir and Wei Zhe. Wei Zhe wanted him to plead guilty. He said if Lin Sir didn’t plead guilty at this point, his sentences would be even more severe later on. Lin Sir was surprised. He asked if Wei Zhe really wanted him to plead guilty. Wei Zhe said yes. He wanted to object yet Wei Zhe said that it was for the best.

Talking to Wu De definitely helped. Because he advised Lei Gong to merge all the three cases together, not looking at it separately like how it was before. Then whatever it was in those cases, it could cause more new evidence to come to light.

Going to the two other crime scenes led them to more good news. At least they were able to rule out suicide. They did tests of shots at various angles and how the victim would fall. Professor Yang even pointed out the most obvious sign of it not being suicide. It was how the victim had fallen and how the gun was placed in the hand, etc.

Later, Lei Gong sought out Yang Qian to apologize. Well, he didn’t exactly apologize but had used a crafty way to try and reconcile with her. He admitted that he previously just focused on the evidence yet didn’t look at other factors, such as that of someone’s personalities and/or traits. She made fun of him before letting him off. Since he explained that Wu De had given him a lead.

Lei Gong went to visit Lin Sir. His first question was asking if Lin Sir really didn’t have anything to do with the three cases. Lin Sir told him that the evidence was right in front of him, so why was he still asking. Lin Sir also told him to do whatever it was he had to do. Lei Gong then asked about the three guys and about Ah Fu’s death years ago. Lin Sir remembered what really happened. Then he told Lei Gong the truth, stating that if it wasn’t for him and the gang leader fighting and struggling with the gun, it wouldn’t hit Ah Fu. He also mentioned that because Wu De wanted to keep him out of it, he had used the situation to steer it away from Lin Sir. Lei Gong then asked about Wei Zhe. Lin Sir wasn’t as calm anymore. He said that Wei Zhe was on the side of the victim and that Lei Gong shouldn’t aim at Wei Zhe, etc. Lei Gong said that it didn’t matter what he thought, he couldn’t just let go of a lead.

Back to the lab to check on the files. Professor Yang was asking if Lei Gong believed if it was Lin Sir who did it. Lei Gong said they hadn’t exhausted all the evidence yet so he couldn’t come to a conclusion. Yet Professor Yang knew Lei Gong couldn’t believe it, so he said he didn’t believe it himself. He mentioned about how Lin Sir had sought him out days before since Lin Sir’s leg was hurting again. Yet Professor Yang had said that he’d been looking at the dead for too long that he wasn’t too sure, advising Lin Sir to go to the hospital and have it checked out instead. Lei Gong asked more about the leg’s injury, etc. He wondered if anyone could fake the way Lin Sir walked, etc. Professor Yang said that it could be faked, but the pressure won’t be the same. That was when Lei Gong searched through the files for the prints again. That was when he laughed and even hugged Professor Yang, thanking him. Professor Yang was also happy, saying that he hadn’t hugged someone for a long time now, lol.

That good news had gotten the team together and working hard again. Well, they always were. But now that they had a new path to look toward, they were more determined to double-check their work. When they gathered to update, everyone was much more playful. Yes, they were too nervous and too worried that they hadn’t thought of that before. If it wasn’t for Professor Yang’s words, Lei Gong wouldn’t have thought of checking the pressure. They had to go to the crime scene and check the prints one more time. It didn’t matter if that person had used the same type of shoes as Lin Sir to leave a mark. If the pressure didn’t match, it wasn’t him.

Lei Gong, Yang Qian, and Wu De went to visit Lin Sir. Wu De was so happy that the team was finally able to prove Lin Sir’s innocence. Yet Lin Sir wasn’t the least bit happy. He told the others not to say it out since Wu De didn’t get it. Yang Qian finally blurted the other person’s height and weight out, not caring if everyone had listened in. Wu De blurted out Wei Zhe’s name, saying how it was too outrageous. He just couldn’t believe that kid did that to Lin Sir after all Lin Sir did for him. Yet Lin Sir said it wasn’t Wei Zhe and ended up admitted his guilt. The others told him not to mess around.

Back at the lab, Lei Gong and Yang Qian had to deliver the sad news. Since Lin Sir admitted it and they couldn’t really prove that it was Wei Zhe, they were back to point zero. The least, they could prove it wasn’t Lin Sir yet couldn’t really prove that it was Wei Zhe. Wei Zhe had access to all of Lin Sir’s places. But because Lin Sir admitted it, they couldn’t rule against him, not really. Angel said that they couldn’t just let the killer get away with it. After a while of thinking, Lei Gong seemed to have a plan. It was seen that Wu De was tagging Wei Zhe and taking snapshots of him. Not sure if the others had recruited Wu De or because Wu De was determined to help Lin Sir that he scouted on his own. His patience paid off since he spotted Wei Zhe heading somewhere and burning all the evidence. He was able to jump out and extinguish the fire. Well, not sure how much help those would be, but better than nothing. So he went straight to the team’s lab with the evidence that he managed to retrieve.

After Lei Gong managed to verify some details of Ah Fu’s death ten years ago, they went and visited Lin Sir again, telling him what really happened. Ah Fu’s death didn’t have anything to do with Lin Sir–whether accidental or on purpose. So the team continued on with testing out the rest of the evidence that Wu De managed to retrieve earlier.

The others informed Lin Sir’s wife of what was going on. However, they didn’t realize that Wei Zhe was already at her house and was pointing a gun at her. She told him that everything was a misunderstanding. Yet he didn’t care for it. He then told her how he had planned everything and how he had carried it out. Wei Zhe blamed Lin Sir for causing his father’s death because he pointed out that if it wasn’t for Lin Sir who convinced his father to go undercover, his father wouldn’t die.

So Wei Zhe forced Lin Sir’s wife to take him to the team’s building. That was also the tie-in with what happened at the beginning of the first episode.

Wei Zhe was the shooter who caused madness in the lab. Yet luckily Yang Qian arrived on the scene and shot him in the knee thus causing him to fall over, saving the day for everyone. Yet Wei Zhe had gone insane, not believing anyone when Lin Sir and Lei Gong told him what really happened with his father’s death being an accident. He said they all lied years ago so he didn’t have any reason to believe them now. Yang Qian yelled at him for blaming their team since they weren’t even there anyway. That was when he finally shut up yet he was going hysterical. Lin Sir tried to kneel down and comfort him yet he shrugged Lin Sir off.

Lin Sir was sitting at that one spot. Then his wife came. She told him she just went to visit Wei Zhe and that he gave her something to give to Lin Sir. It was the keepsake Wei Zhe’s wife left behind for him. His wife said it was enough already. He was already imprisoning himself these past ten years. It was time to let go. He said that because he wasn’t brave enough to step forward and tell the truth thus causing the tragedies of the present. He said if he were to do the right thing ten years ago, then it wouldn’t turn out that way, causing so many problems. His wife told him to let the past be the past, and she thought that Ah Fu would’ve wanted it that way. She got up and told him to accompany her to go see Ah Fu. He got up yet didn’t continue. He said that he knew he didn’t have any ground to ask for her forgiveness. She interrupted him and told him to go. Her smile said it all. He was already forgiven.

Back at the lab, the others were off work. Or something like that. Because all Tou Mu managed to rant on about was how hungry he was. They were saying how it was Xiao Xiang paying. Xiao Xiang then turned around, trying to argue with them. He kept having to pay, lol. Lei Gong and Yang Qian were stuck behind–with Yang Qian hobbling around in crutches. Lei Gong was telling them to slow down, lol. Yang Qian told them to go easy on the injured, lol. Too late, they were left behind. The others told them to wait for the next one.

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