iHero: Episode 5

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

A man was seen searching for his dog when the dog came back with a bone in tow. However, what was frightening was how the bone was too big to come from some random animal. It was human bone. The team was called in to process the scene. The neighbors had noticed the stench already, but thought it was from dead cats or dogs or other strange odors, not realizing it was the decomposing of a human body due to extreme heat. After initial processing and observing, Lei Gong realized that this might not be the first crime scene. This was just a disposal site.

With Professor Yang’s help, they were able to narrow down the details of the victim. For one, the victim was female, around 15-24 years old. She was around 165 cm tall. Xiao Gao was able to reconstruct the victim’s features through a special program. While Xiao Gao was working, Jing Ling finally realized that the victim looked like the girl in the flyer the old man in the streets passed out to her earlier, Su Yi Qing (蘇怡晴). He was then called in to identify some items. He didn’t want to believe it was his daughter. Jing Ling had a talk with him, using her deceased parents as an example, saying how she didn’t want to believe it when she saw them being embalmed by the makeup artists during the funeral. Her parents were involved in a car accident.

After much searching and questioning, they finally got a lead as to who was the most suspicious. That guy had also disappeared half a year ago–around the same time as the victim. What was strange was how Jing Ling yelled out that she wanted to come along when Lei Gong told Tou Mu to follow Yang Qian to this one location. Anyway, the three of them were able to find more evidence linking to the current case. Then it was revealed the reason why Jing Ling was so anxious about the whole thing. They found her brother’s hat at the scene. It was actually a hat she gave to her brother–with her faking a famous person’s signature because she didn’t have time to acquire the signature when she was studying in the States. It was hard to blame her and it was understandable that she was distracted.

So the DNA result finally came out for Mr. Su. Yang Qian revealed the result and explained to him of its accuracy. According to the result, the victim wasn’t a match to his DNA. Yang Qian said that there was still a chance that his daughter was somewhere else and was still alive. Yet Lei Gong finally spoke up and said that unless the girl wasn’t his biological daughter. Mr. Su didn’t give them an exact answer but only begged Yang Qian to release the victim to him so he could bring her home. Lei Gong then explained to Mr. Su how everything, including what was left of the deceased’s body was considered evidence so they couldn’t just release it like that. However, Lei Gong got nudged by Yang Qian so he had to stop. Yang Qian then calmly and sincerely explained to Mr. Su that they still couldn’t find the killer yet so they couldn’t release the victim’s body until the case was over. She then reassured him about the matter, asking him to give them more time. After they walked him out and bid farewell, Yang Qian chided Lei Gong for being inconsiderate while he was sticking with his answer about how he wasn’t wrong with stating the law. She said he was right yet his technique wasn’t proper for the situation. They were back to bickering about their differences again.

Through another technique, they were able to verify that the victim was indeed Su Yi Qing. Yang Qian promised Mr. Su they would find the killer. And Jing Ling was getting even more and more anxious about the situation. It was disturbing her so much that it seemed obvious that she wasn’t happy or cheerful like their usual Jing Ling. Only Lin Sir seemed to notice at this point though. Soon though, Jing Ling approached Lei Gong to discuss the hat they found earlier. Lei Gong asked her if she was sure that the hat belonged to her brother and if she wanted to take action. Jing Ling clarified that she wanted to clear her brother’s name. She said they shared the same DNA from their mother so she was willing to use her DNA to compare against some foreign samples that they found among the victim’s. Xiao Xin overheard them talking so she ended up staying late to help them run the tests as well.

The result didn’t turn out in Jing Ling’s favor. The sample she gave indeed was similar to the foreign sample. However, Lei Gong reminded her that he had said it many times only with there was never a 100% sure result with the outcome. There could be other explanations. Jing Ling exposed Lei Gong’s lie–with how he’d paused on purpose before saying those words to her. He told her that even if she was an expert in reading people, it was just a 50% chance of accuracy. She returned it with even if he was a DNA expert, it wasn’t always a guarantee that his result was true. He retaliated, saying that he understood her current mood. He reminded her of his situation–with how he didn’t believe his teacher was responsible for the kid’s death. He still respected her and wanted to believe it wasn’t so–even with the evidence. Jing Ling told him not to compare his teacher to her brother. She wanted to take a break, so she wasn’t part of the team as of now, because she wanted to use her identity as an older sister to support her brother. She left after placing her badge on the table.

Yang Qian was able to put together a timeline through hers and the team’s determination to prove Ah Jie (阿傑) innocent aka Jing Ling’s brother. They were able to find different footage of Ah Jie’s whereabouts and how he ended up fainting and had to be sent to the hospital. According to a doctor, while Ah Jie was being pushed to the ER, he kept mumbling for others to “Go save her.” Yang Qian had guessed the reason why Ah Jie’s DNA was present at the crime scene was because he was helping Su Yi Qing and got attacked by the killer. Because Ah Jie was in the hospital around the time Su Yi Qing was killed, that meant he wasn’t the killer. Jing Ling was more than happy to learn that her brother hadn’t changed and he was still righteous as always, trying to help others. Lei Gong then came in with more good news that they were able to distinguish Ah Jie’s DNA with the killer’s DNA. That meant that Ah Jie was definitely not the killer. Jing Ling was indeed touched by everyone’s effort. Despite them looking quite horrible after a night of hard work, Jing Ling still complimented them. Tou Mu and Xiao Xin jumped at the chance to joke about it. Yet Lei Gong pondered who the real killer was.

They managed to link the killer to another case. The DNA matched the unknown DNA found on another victim, Ye Ya Ru (葉雅茹). Ye Ya Ru was a victim of an old unsolved case. Lin Sir had promised her parents to track down the killer, even after the others had given up. It had been twelve years already. He was more than ready to face the killer and stop him once and for all.

Upon learning that the two cases were linked, Yang Qian was more than outraged. Her reaction had caused curiosity from the boss of a shop they often ordered takeout from. This time, Yang Qian decided to sit and eat at the location. Uncle Fan (范大叔), as the others called him, asked Yang Qian some questions. That got her riled up a bit, but more regarding the killer than because of his curiosity. She, of course, only vouched to catch the killer–and not disclose any other details. What was suspicious about the whole matter was his unusual curiosity. Then there was also the fact that he was spying on Yang Qian as he was mopping the floor. More specifically, he was looking at the earring in her ear. It was on the other flap and not where people usually pierce their ears. It was a fake one that Xiao Xin had shown Yang Qian earlier and pinned it on for her. That really wasn’t a coincidence since Xiao Xiang had mentioned during a meeting back in the lab that Uncle Fan had commented on girls who pierced their ears on the inside flap were not decent girls. That had got Lei Gong thinking, and he managed to run the DNA test through the fingerprint Uncle Fan left on his reward card earlier. Indeed, it was a match with the killer’s DNA. Uncle Fan’s full name was Fan Ming Zheng (范明正). After Lei Gong told Xiao Xiang the result, he didn’t realize what was going on until Xiao Xiang mumbled “Uncle Fan.” Because they both knew that Yang Qian was at his shop. So Lei Gong was running like mad while Xiao Xiang attempted to call Yang Qian. Lucky for Yang Qian, she looked up in time to see the reflection of Fan Ming Zheng holding up a bat so she turned and reacted in time. If not, she would already be knocked out. Lei Gong arrived in time to see Yang Qian restraining Fan Ming Zheng. When Yang Qian asked what Lei Gong was doing there, he told her that he came to tell her the killer was Fan Ming Zheng. Seeing his out of breath state, she laughed and teased him that he was worrying for her. He said it wasn’t so since he was just worried that she would kill Fan Ming Zheng first. Or so it seemed like he wanted to say it since he was interrupted by Fan Ming Zheng trying to escape when Yang Qian’s guard was down. Lei Gong reacted quickly and knocked him out, pulling Yang Qian up from the ground. She thanked him, instead of teasing him like before.

What has the crazy dude got to say for himself? He only yelled out that Yang Qian had tricked him since he was able to see that she didn’t pierce her ears where he thought she did previously. Then he finally blurted out something of relevancy. It was indeed sad with his situation yet it gave him no right to kill those innocent girls.

Then Jing Ling was back to her cheerful self. She bought food and other goodies for them, wanting to thank them for clearing her brother’s name. Lei Gong even took the time to justify his collection of the card, lol. He said if it wasn’t for him, they couldn’t acquire Fan Ming Zheng’s fingerprint. And Lin Sir was able to answer to Ye Ya Ru’s parents at long last. The rest of the team was able to give closure to Mr. Su as well. Yang Qian and Jing Ling got a present for him, they were able to restore the final clip Su Yi Qing recorded for her father. He was more than happy to have that last memory of his daughter. As Yang Qian and Jing Ling walked back, they discussed relationships and having blood relations or not. It wasn’t that big of a deal, considering how Mr. Su and his daughter weren’t so yet their relationship was very good versus how Fan Ming Zheng and his father were so different. They then went back to talking about Jing Ling’s brother. Yang Qian asked Jing Ling if Jing Ling joined the team because she was looking for her brother. Jing Ling thought about it for a bit before shaking her head, smiling.

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