iHero: Episode 6

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

A body was found near some river. The victim was seen at a bar the previous night. The victim was a man dressed as a woman. The cause of death was drowning. There were drag marks found so the victim was probably dragged to the water and then drown. Another victim was found near the river. The cause of death and arrangements were similar. This second victim was a hairdresser.

After somewhat of roundabouts, they were able to locate the costume shop that the victims had worn during the time of the deaths. Trying to hide, the shop-owner slipped hence giving Yang Qian and Jing Ling some leverage. They learned of the bar that the others circulated and ended up being caught. But first, they must dress the part to capture the suspect. Lei Gong was the most reluctant because he was what the shop-owner described to be the suspect’s type. However, they weren’t able to lure in the fish since the fish had somehow left the scene before they could close in on him or her.

Interestingly, the second time Yang Qian and Xiao Xiang came to speak to Mr. Hou, he once again told them that his wife wasn’t available. The first time, it was because she was unwell. This second time, he told them she had traveled overseas already. Xiao Gao confirmed that Xu Jia Jia (許佳佳) was indeed Hou Bo Yu (侯伯宇)’s wife. However, she already passed away a year ago. What was more, Jing Ling pointed out that the ring worn by the victim along with the ring that was worn by the person who offered wine to Lei Gong at the bar were the same styles like the one Xu Jia Jia wore. The note that was given to Lei Gong was from the same handwriting as the notes were written at the Hou resident’s wall that Yang Qian saw previously.

Hou Bo Yu was indeed involved with the kidnapping and keeping some other people. He gave them food and then returned as a cross-dresser to scold at them. Then he dragged someone out for a kill again. He was arrested and all evidence pointed to him–with the wigs and all. Yet he was still playing dumb, not admitting to the crimes–or so Yang Qian thought. He kept blurting out that another person was responsible. When Yang Qian grabbed the dolls he was playing with away from him, he was quite worked up and scolded her. Yang Qian wasn’t buying his schemes, thinking he was still faking it. She wasn’t as patient as some of the others, so she told him to tell her where his friend was. Based on what the other survivors said, it was obvious that Hou Bo Yu was suffering from multiple personality disorder. (Or was he?) Lin Sir said that there were lots of criminals playing the ‘crazy’ card to dodge serving their sentences so even if Hou Bo Yu was the real deal, he didn’t want to make it easy either.

Having no other option, they decided to hook Hou Bo Yu up to a lie detector and have Jing Ling interrogate him. They were able to establish that he was really suffering from multiple personality disorder. However, they weren’t able to lure the killer personality out. Only when they had Jing Ling brought Hou Bo Yu home and ended up pressuring him about his wife that things moved forward. Yet that wasn’t the crucial moment. The crucial moment in luring the killer personality out was when Lei Gong had to cross-dress again and walked past the place for that personality to jump out and attack him hence Yang Qian and the others trapping him in the end. Their success also caused Lei Gong another around of tease from Jing Ling. All kidding aside, it was indeed tragic with Hou Bo Yu’s case, going through childhood traumas of different sorts hence developing multiple personality disorder.

Lei Gong ended up giving Yang Qian a plant. It was the one that she claimed she feared. He reminded her to take her own advice–with being brave and facing her fears. He suggested that she went and have a talk with her father to clear things out with him. She indeed took Lei Gong’s advice and had dinner with her father at the same stall that she ate with Lei Gong days ago.

Brief but a very touching moment between the pair of father and daughter.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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