iHero: Episode 7

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

They found a body inside a bathtub. Yang Qian was saying how it was so dangerous, considering how winter was coming and everyone closed their windows hence it was hard to notice anything. She continued on by saying such a tragic accident. Yet Lin Sir contradicted her by saying it was too soon to say whether this was an accident or not. According to the victim’s wife, he feared cold weather the most hence always closing the windows tight.

While doing the autopsy, Professor Yang told them of the body temperature–and other components–if the victim, Guo Shi Wei (郭士偉), did indeed died of gas inhalation. However, Lei Gong said that he suspected the victim had been unconscious before the gas was turned on. Looking at the victim’s feet, there were apparent scratches and skin tears. It must have been from being dragged to the bathroom. Based on the other marks, it seemed like the killer’s built was weaker than the victim’s.

Even if Xiao Xin found a fingerprint and managed to get it processed with Tou Mu, they still have a long way to go. Yang Qian and Xiao Xiang were out interviewing employees at the beauty salon when Yang Qian realized Xiao Xiang was doing more than asking questions. He had a handful of items, which sparked Yang Qian’s irritation. So it turned out that he was talked into buying a bunch of beauty products just because one of the employees had complimented his appearance.

Meanwhile back in the lab, Xiao Xin had won a bet with Tou Mu. She had guessed the fabric they found was of Italian material. She wanted dinner, but he said to put it on his tab, lol. Anyway, back to the case, they were saying how the material couldn’t be from anything the Guos own so that fabric must be left behind by the killer. Then the results were out with the cause of death, which wasn’t an accident yet was set up like so. Tou Mu and Xiao Xin were still playing their game, which Tou Mu found Xiao Xin’s ability frightening.

On the other hand, Yang Qian and her father had a hilarious conversation between the two of them on their way home. Yang Qian was reminding her father about the usual routine of disposing of his clothes upon arriving home. He told her he remembered since the last time he forgot, her mother had scolded him. She told him she had to cover for him last time. Somehow, they ended up covering the subject of her marriage. Well, he was wondering when she would get married. (LOL!) She said she didn’t say anything about wanting to get married. She joked that she was married to her job. She also wanted to continue working with him for the rest of their lives. When she asked if he was scared of having her around that long, he mentioned that a guy was interested in her. Yet when she asked who the person was, he didn’t answer.

Tou Mu was saying how the killer must have mimicked Spiderman in order to enter through the window and kill Guo Shi Wei before leaving in the same way he came. Looking at the distance the killer needed to climb, Xiao Xin asked which one of them wanted to play the killer to test out the theory. Both Tou Mu and Lei Gong ratted each other out. They had a little stare-down before playing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to sort out the dispute. Xiao Xin was referring to them as children. As it was, Tou Mu won so Lei Gong had to be the killer, lol. Indeed, the trip wasn’t wasted since Lei Gong discovered a piece of blue material on the wall. (But why didn’t he used gloves or some other material to cover it but had directly used his hand? I know he was climbing so it was a risk to try and do some stuff at the same time but wouldn’t that contaminate the evidence?) And perhaps Xiao Xiang’s aggressive spending wasn’t a waste after all. Considering how he bought too much so had to give it to them. That was also when Xiao Xin ended up breaking one of the bottles to use as a comparison with the blue fragment they retrieved earlier at the scene. The two materials were indeed a match, which led them back to the beauty salon because someone was lying about their whereabouts.

This time, Yang Qian took Jing Ling with her to the shop. They narrowed down to the top 3 candidates based upon the shoe print left behind at the scene. It was size number 9. After another round of interviewing, Jing Ling told Yang Qian that the third person, Wen Wen Kai (溫文凱), was obviously lying. The only thing he was honest about was his breakfast. The rest, he made up. Even the one about the latest customer, because he had provided too many details, details even normal people in their daily life wouldn’t remember or pay attention to. Yang Qian complimented Jing Ling for her awesomeness, which Jing Ling just accepted, not really bragging. Just then, Xiao Xiang ran out to meet up with them, telling them what he just discovered through one of the employees about Wen Wen Kai. Wen Wen Kai seemed to be secretly in love with the lady boss, and it was suspected that he felt their boss didn’t fit with the lady boss. If it was true, it was a high chance that he had something to do with it. Jealousy could go so far. Yang Qian wasn’t able to acquire anything of relevancy with the case when she went to Wen Wen Kai’s house. Yet Lei Gong pointed out that he could have disposed of all the items after committing the crime. Lei Gong was also disappointed that they couldn’t use the shoe print among other things to link Wen Wen Kai. Yang Qian didn’t want to give up though, stating that she would retrace her steps to see if she could find new information. She ended up going for a spa session with Wen Wen Kai. It was an easy way to extract information. Or so she thought. And while she was talking to Wen Wen Kai as he was doing the massage session for her, her phone was on and connected to the others so Jing Ling was able to analyze his speech rhythm as he talked. Aside from that, Yang Qian was able to find out something else. Wen Wen Kai’s folding clothes style was the same as the killer who folded the bathrobe in the victim’s bathroom.

As they were reenacting the murder scene, Xiao Xin was complimenting Tou Mu and Xiao Gao for their good acting. However, after Xiao Gao finally released Tou Mu, Tou Mu yelled out that Xiao Gao had used too much strength, and if Xiao Gao was trying to kill him. LOL! Xiao Gao said he was trying to be serious about his work. Tou Mu told him they were trying to make it look real, not do it for real. So after that little delay, they proceeded with the next step, letting Xiao Gao drag Tou Mu toward the bathroom–just like how the killer had dragged the victim to the bathroom to set up the crime scene. What was even more hilarious and kind of sad was how Xiao Gao actually jumped out the window for real, landing into the dumpster. Xiao Xin had yelled out too late so he didn’t know he didn’t have to jump for real. Luckily the stuff in the dumpster had cushioned his fall.

That didn’t top the part where Yang Qian and Xiao Xiang were spying, and Xiao Xiang had to open the car window for air since Yang Qian was eating stinky tofu in the car. Of course, they were watching out for Wen Wen Kai. Wen Wen Kai just came from a laundromat so they were able to confiscate the items from him and have Xiao Xin examine it. However, that only proved the material was similar to the one left at the crime scene, it didn’t prove Wen Wen Kai’s guilt. What now?

They had a new plan. Considering how the killer had no way knowing what the team knew so they were going to bluff their way through it, trying to trap Wen Wen Kai in confessing his crime. Yang Qian, like usual, was doing the questioning while Lei Gong and Jing Ling stood outside, watching. Yang Qian’s pressuring was really working since Wen Wen Kai was starting to really sweat as she told him what they found, i.e. the shoe print and other materials left behind at the scene. Yang Qian was saying how he was smart enough to get rid of the rest of the materials after committing the crime yet he still kept the clothes. Contrary to his panicky state previously, Wen Wen Kai immediately spoke up after Yang Qian’s recount, claiming that he did it. His reaction wasn’t lost on Lei Gong or Jing Ling. Wen Wen Kai wasn’t telling the truth–once again. Even if it was what they wanted to hear. He was still hiding something. But what?

So they were back at that one food stand to eat and discuss the case. What was hilarious was how Yang Qian had stolen some of Lei Gong’s food. He was asking her if she hadn’t eaten for three days or something, lol. She told him that he wouldn’t finish it anyway. Xiao Xiang was telling them how he learned some new information regarding the lady boss at that beauty shop, Zhou Mei Jun (周玫君), aka the victim’s wife. Zhou Mei Jun apparently had been married three times already. That wasn’t the strange part. The strange part was how all her past husbands had died of the same cause (aka gas inhalation). So Yang Qian was right after all because Wen Wen Kai lied to protect Zhou Mei Jun. It was highly likely. How could there be so many coincidences with her past husbands all dying of the same reason? When Yang Qian declared that she wanted to choose someone to go with her to investigate the matter, all but Lei Gong raised their hands. However, Yang Qian ended up choosing Lei Gong. It turned out that she wanted to toss Lei Gong there for the “black widow” to take care of him while she made a clean exit out of there. Yet the trip wasn’t unfruitful. Not to mention with Lei Gong’s background of knowing plants and herbs, etc, he was able to persuade Zhou Mei Jun that he was indeed very interested in her special scented oils. Then he managed to acquire some samples so they could test it out, which of course he accidentally on purpose dumped the contents of one of the bottles on his jacket.

The verdict was finally out. So the truth was that Wen Wen Kai did indeed killed Guo Shi Wei. Yet Guo Shi Wei wasn’t such a victim either. He was the one who killed Zhou Mei Jun’s previous husband. It had been like that, one after another. She manipulated them, knowing they liked her to kill her current husband. Of course, she had recorded the whole murder as evidence. The reason why Wen Wen Kai kept the sweater was because Zhou Mei Jun had given it to him, so he didn’t want to toss it out.

Because Wen Wen Kai admitted all of the crime–on top of the video clip, not blaming Zhou Mei Jun so it was hard to pin anything on her. However, Yang Qian had persuaded him to help Zhou Mei Jun so she wouldn’t keep continuing on the wrong path so he agreed to cooperate. Yang Qian pointed out that to Zhou Mei Jun so she finally was able to let go. In a way, it was tragic since she did lose a child because of a past husband. But on the other hand, it was scary as well. At least, she finally realized that Wen Wen Kai wasn’t just another guy. He did wrong in committing the crime, but he wasn’t all talk like her past husbands.

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