iHero: Season 2 Coming Up


This good news has been out for like a week or more already. I’m not too sure. But as soon as I read about it, I was so happy! I know I’ve been a slowpoke in catching up with the last few episodes so the episode summaries had to suffer. But I really love this show. Just enough touches of personal stuff but not too much while they focused mostly on the cases. So I love it.

Not sure if there will be cast change or not. But I don’t think they would proceed if they can’t get everyone together. Or at least get the majority together. Schedules might be hard to clear since some of them might be packed with other stuff already but I sure hope they could make it work. We all know too well what happens when the cast gets changed for such shows, even if it’s crime show and all, but still.

*All images were from iHero’s Facebook Page