I’ll Teach You How To Break Up

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I became a fan of the ‘Eric & Vivien’ pairing after watching the mini-movie called Break-Up Agency that was in Eric’s In The Name of…Love album.

It was also the reason I could not accept the story weaved into Pages of the Treasures for their characters. It was too scripted and so typical of TVB. (If I didn’t know better, I thought the whole ice cream thing was stolen from the Break-Up Agency plot with them eating ice cream together at various points in the movie.) I really like their collaborations and hope that they could somehow collaborate again in the future–and this time it would work.

To get back to the song titled in my post, I really liked this song because it was very well written. It fitted Eric’s style very well, giving a natural appeal to it.

On another note, I just discovered recently that Vivien sings too. Her voice sounds nice. (I didn’t say anything about good singing but I like her voice.) Maybe she could sing alongside Eric in the future as well? (Wishful thinking but possible.)

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