I’m Sorry, But I like Kevin Cheng

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I think I’m writing this to repent myself more than anything since my last post of him was so negative. Or at least it felt that way to me, contrary to my past impression of him and the last several years. Perhaps, I was such a big chicken and how I was so scared that people would criticize me or even going to target me if I as much as express my likings for Kevin. (It reminded myself too much of how I was cornered in the past and had not stayed firm on my beliefs.) I shouldn’t have let others influence me regardless. What’s to be ashamed of, right? But this topic should be about Kevin and NOT me so I’ll move on.

Actually, I felt that he has been typecasted since he became the lead and that’s saying something. I remembered liking his acting style when he was NOT lead. Everyone goes through that phase at TVB, except for several rare people. This is NOT a reason to justify Kevin’s lack of variety since he was declared as TV King. But it’s what most viewers have been familiar with. Just because TVB decided to give him the crown, anti-fans streamed in to attack him. It’s like a contagious hatred that spread endlessly, which happened in the past with others and will continue to happen in the future.

Did anyone realize all the smaller roles that Kevin appeared in years and years ago? What am I getting at? I don’t think it’s even fair to say that he just jumped out to be the main lead all of a sudden. He was around for a while. Just like some other people. I think he actually deserved the lead spot after so many years. BUT I do not think that he should get the crown for TV King. YES, I said it. It was for the wrong series. It was too early also. But I don’t think he deserved to be bashed like that.

Just to make a point and to redeem myself. Next topic? Kevin, Ray, and Timmy.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, But I like Kevin Cheng

  1. @llwy12 – As I said in the post, it wasn’t an attempt to point fingers at others, but more at myself for being a coward of not admitting my support for him at times, not defending him enough during debates. So this is to make up for it, LOL.
    I think Raymond Lam’s the next victim to TVB’s politics though, considering the heat is on him recently, quite strong too. BUT then it could divide between Fung and Moses IF they (TVB) dare to give Moses the award. But that’s a different topic. We’ll have to see.
    I like stalking the threesome too and I will resist the urge to list some things at this point to save for the post.

  2. I admit that I am one of the guilty ones who ‘bashed’ Kevin in the past because of what I perceive as his mediocre acting that totally didn’t deserve the award — but I have to say that I absolutely agree with you. Kevin is not a bad person at all — in fact, I actually like his singing way more than his acting (and that’s saying something, since I’m quite picky when it comes to songs as well).
    To be honest, the more I think of it, my feelings toward him — especially in the past year or so — have been more ‘pity’ rather than ‘hatred’….He is definitely one of the unfortunate victims of TVB’s politics and favoritism and I actually feel sorry for him — on the one hand, he was able to get fame and fortune by signing with TVB, but on the other hand, they totally ruined his reputation and caused him to acquire alot of ‘haters’. Unfortunately, the ‘mess’ that occurred in 2006 with the award thing is not something that will be easily erased from everyone’s minds (though not impossible)…
    My opinion: I really think he should leave TVB because they aren’t doing him any favors — I actually feel he has potential in the area of singing and should probably pursue that area rather than acting…I think then, he will be able to rebuild his career and reputation…

  3. Oh, by the way — I am definitely looking forward to your next post, as I really enjoy ‘following’ the camaraderie between Ray, Kevin, and Timmy on Weibo (especially Ray’s posts — absolutely witty and hilarious!!).

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