In the World of Book-Lovers

So  I stumbled upon this article while doing my daily browsing. It totally made my day and I cracked up throughout the article. But my ultimate favorite reaction to those who do not read must be: “We’re done here.” ‘Cause seriously? And the other reason is because I don’t like to force stuff onto people. So after the initial shock wears off, I’ll probably just walk away. Or whatever they say after that is a buzz to me. Not to sound super arrogant over it or anything, but after all the name-calling (weirdos, bookworm, and you name it) over the years, I seriously think I could react however I want regarding the others. I met quite a few non-readers over the years, but I never picked on them for not reading. Yet it’s okay for them to pick on me for having my nose in a book all the time? Wow! So yeah. That’s my mini-story. And this will be one of those rare updates about me.