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When Xiao Jie referred to Jacky as “Jacky Ge” on Big Brothers (綜藝大哥大) several years ago, she was teased by one of the hosts, causing nervousness all around. That one stuck with me until now. It was another reason why I never got used to the whole idea of “Jake” and whatever else came with it. So he wanted to start anew with a clean slate. But some of us rather cling on to past memories–even the bad ones.

Actually, those memories weren’t so bad. It reminded us that every one of us is human after all, right? No, that was not an attempt at an excuse to get anyone’s forgiveness. It is true. Whether each of us is willing to acknowledge it or not, but down that road called ‘life’, we will eventually regret. None of us could see the future. Some of us choose to let go and be oblivious of the current situation until the consequences follow. Some of us are so lost or hurt or for some unexplainable reason and just want to take it to the extreme–regardless. But in the end, we will somehow overcome it and move on. (Of course, there are exceptions where some of us might not see the light at the end of the tunnel.) Along that same path called ‘life’, we are presented with many temptations also and will eventually fall for at least one trap. The rest of us can scatter apart, looking in shame and disappointment at the one who fell for it or we can choose to stay and support one another to the end. Therefore, those who stayed are survivors.

Those who pulled through and endured the long hiatus of Jacky can finally take a deep breath out now because he is back and promises for the better because he wants a second chance of pursuing his dream. (Let’s cross our fingers and see.) His recent appearances on shows and events showed a more respectable image, proving his seriousness in his wanting to pursue his dream. Let’s hope that he will continue to work hard and give us more great music.

So jia you, Jacky Ge!

P.S. You don’t have to agree since we all have our priorities and where we draw that line. I just choose to look at it differently since I don’t put celebs on a mantel and worship and then get disappointed afterward because they’re not GOD/perfect  (duh). I just support them because they are singers. That’s it. PEACE!

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2 thoughts on “Jacky Ge

  1. vgag says:

    I always thought Jacky was an exciting performer with 183 Club and their best singer, but I never liked his playboy image. Nor did I approve of his using marijuana. But I agree totally that people deserve a second chance. He seems to have worked very hard at saying sorry to everyone he harmed and maintaining a new image as a serious artist. And he is singing so well!
    I’m glad he he has dropped the name Jake.
    Jia you, Jacky!

  2. DTLCT says:

    LOL! I guess his ‘name changing’ attempt didn’t work out as well as Sam’s plan or Tang Feng’s, lol. Even his fellow colleagues are so used to the name ‘Jacky’ too.

    And yes, who could accept his previous image, especially when it came out to be true in the end? But yes, I believe at least one chance should be given to see what’s up. And looks like he’s cherishing that one chance right now so we’ll see.


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