Jacky’s Valentine’s Day Wish

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Although my mood is dazed right now, still want to–on this day of full of love–wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Hope that everyone will pass this day with full of sweetness.

*Irrelevant COMMENTS will be deleted without warnings. (I’m NOT delusional, I know what’s going on recently, JUST sick and tired of repetitive rants from people.)

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4 thoughts on “Jacky’s Valentine’s Day Wish

  1. He told a pack of reporters he had not touched or used the drugs that the police allegedly found on or near him. I think he is telling the truth about this and drug tests will soon confirm it. It is likely he was just at a party where drugs came out. It doesn’t mean he broke his pledge not to take them.

    1. Still not going to comment directly on it until the test results come out. I learned my lesson from last time, lol. NOT that I don’t have faith in him, but I just don’t want to be mocked for being a blabbering idiot like last time. But then again, I wasn’t as fluent nor had I searched high and low for all sources of info before jumping the gun.

      1. It is a worrying time for his family, friends and fans, that’s for sure. I’m wondering if Elva Hsiao didn’t have quite a good idea, that we should all pray for him.

      2. Family, yes. Friends and fans, I’m not so all the way there. Some are going to hate me for it, but we all have choices in choosing to support him or not. So it’s not like he forced us and dragged us into supporting him.

        Regarding Elva, she probably got asked and dragged into the situation because she was his ex (or at least known to be his ex more than the rumors linked to other girls). SO I say she fended well enough. She probably didn’t know the details of it but was trying to just answer in a polite and compose manner as she saw fit. IF she replied differently, the reporters might say that her words have underlying meaning or whatever else, if you know what I mean. Say one word wrong, reporters will find an angle to talk about. So in short, I don’t blame her for it. She already reacted fast enough.

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