Janine and Eddie Reunited in Adidas Commercial

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I know this is a tad old since it was from February but I just jumped back on Weibo like once in a blue moon lately to check. Did I say that they are one of my favorite on-screen couples? So yes, I had to jump at the opportunity when I noticed their interaction. (Click here for the clip.)


Not the same type of sound
Not the same type of setting
Not the same type of movement
Nevertheless, it’s the same type of focus

Adidas’ message

Different type of Eddie
Different type of Janine
Nevertheless, it’s the same type of focus

Janine’s message

Well, it started with Adidas posting a new commercial of Janine and Eddie with the catchy phrases. Then Janine forwarded it with her own response, tagging Eddie in the process.


Where’s the difference?

Eddie’s message

He, obviously, responded. How could he not? She was his Xiao Wei. But anyway, to answer Eddie, maybe it’s because you no longer look like this?

Just kidding! Still love them both.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

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