Jindi: On-Screen

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This post is dedicated to Jiro and Cyndi Wang of course. (I know I used the same picture for the previous post regarding Momo Love BUT I just love their matching outfits so you guys will have to endure! LOL!) If you haven’t noticed yet, this is just another random space filler because I need to increase the randomness of my site within the flow. And an attempt to get the positive momentum back into it. So let’s get right to it!

Fan related wise, if you haven’t noticed the link to ‘Jindi Magazine‘, it’s about time! (LOL) It was created by another fan, syko. Well, possibly one of the first ones who were crazy enough to spend his (?) most precious times to work on collecting so much information and putting it all there for us to view. It’s like one mega-database for all Jindi fans. But sometimes skyo could be quite temperamental (hence the name) with changing the website’s layout at a dizzying speed! But that’s not even the point, right? Everyone’s here to read about Jindi so let’s get going.

Okay, back to the topic at hand, what was the most addicting thing about watching Jindi in Momo Love? Their matching outfits! I know, I said that like 100 times already! If they weren’t wearing the same color outfits, there had to be something that matched them or made them look cute together. (Like the above.)

And oh look! Even when they were wearing white, they were still utterly cute.

Moving on, what else was addicting to watch? Their scheming ways! Yes, you would’ve expected much more of Tao Hua and her supposedly sweet exterior and Shi Lang’s slow-poke rate yet there was this kind of personality. Nope! They were as scheming as anyone in there! Their first date was already so scheming! Can’t blame them since they had some relations to the ‘crazy’ clan. Have to come up with some master plan to dive out of the radar. Oh, look at Shi Lang’s cunning expression in the picture! I never knew he had it in him! Desperate times do call for desperate measures! And the petite Tao Hua wasn’t all that naive as people dubbed her to be. She was getting away with this little trick and the four maniac brothers had no idea! Beat that!

Yet look how cute they were when they were falling asleep after a long day. Must be tiresome going on a date and worrying whether they were going to get caught.

What else was Jindi capable of in the drama? Matchmaking! The fastest way out of the restricted barriers they were trapped in! One brother down was easier when things got sticky, right? Even if their plan failed, but it still got back on track somehow. Hey, Cheng and Xiao Xue brought it onto themselves since there was something going on before Jindi could get even mold ideas into their minds!

What was even more, Jindi was a great team. They were not afraid to back down with any obstacles that were handed to them. Sometimes, it was she who had to protect him from her crazy brothers.

And other times, he was the one protecting her from some crazy pursuers (i.e. Xue Zhi Qiang and his strange way of confessing to her).

Sometimes, it was just because they were together. Why should there even be a reason to like Jindi, right?

But when we tried to find all the reasons, it kept popping up as we went along. (OR at least for me since I have the caps to remind me of all the reasons!)

Look how right it felt when they hugged. (TO ME…)

Another one for the road, LOL! (I couldn’t help myself!)

We got to see more of Shi Lang’s cunning nature in the above picture (and possibly below too but that was another story). Shi Lang sure was funny all right! Or was it because he knew that he won already so he was excitedly beyond words and could not help but played that little trick on her? OKAY!

Anyone remember the scene above? Well, that was actually Xue Zhi Qiang’s creative and/or twisted imagination at work. His version of the story to convince himself that Shi Lang was a pervert and that it was his duty to go protect Tao Hua. Though we all know she had like SIX brothers to protect her already IF anything were to happen. More like they had to protect her from him. But didn’t Shi Lang looked so sinister in the picture? If we didn’t know better, we would’ve thought Shi Lang was up to no good too! Geez whiz, Xue Zhi Qiang should switch to writing fictions!

Another scene where we got to see Shi Lang and Tao Hua’s scheming at work. They were sneaking away on a trip–without the others’ notice. OR so they thought. They were soon discovered but it was all right since everyone was kind of hiding stuff from one another too. So they ended up keeping the secret for one another AND try to think up of a plan to tell Qi later. (OR so it seemed.)

We could see Shi Lang and Tao Hua’s braveness at work from time to time. BUT this was the furthest they went. (So Tao Hua was afraid of ghosts–which might or might not exist, but she wasn’t afraid of other more pressing matters like running into a robber?) Too late! They realized they were in for good when they were wandering around at night. (It wasn’t for leisure but still…)

They were caught and tied up but they still managed to look cute?

Okay, couldn’t help but include this one too since they were staring at each other! (Mega cute!)

Aww…he was still trying to reassure her after he got hurt. AND possibly trying to calm her down because she was mad at him for making her worry? (Did that even make sense since he was trying to save her after all? Oh well…it didn’t have to make sense with Jindi!)

Another aww…scene since they were married? Well, at least Tao Hua was daydreaming BUT oh well! Still worth mentioning! (BTW, how did Shi Lang look with the mustache? 很man, eh?)

The only possible time that Shi Lang was scared of Tao Hua? Honestly, what was she doing with that knife? Use it on him? (NOT really but looked scary all right! Lucky he snatched it back in time!) Even if she was trying to conquer her fear, that wasn’t the right approach.

Now, this was the right approach to conquer her fear. NOT really but it was all right. Can’t blame Shi Ba Ba. He was just too enthusiastic to help his future daughter-in-law.

And how did he lean toward her direction just when she was putting her head back on the pillow like that? Amazing what he could do in his sleep! LOL!

How could Shi Lang be so clumsy? Thought he was much more capable! Still funny that he should bail out at the last moment–while claiming to be sticking through thick and thin with her. (NOT his fault BUT still funny!)

Priceless expression! Yup, that was the scene where they were being tested by Chen Ba Ba and Chen Ma Ma.

And the memorable scene in the store! Kind of awkward moment but still cute! It was that matching outfit again! Eek!

I had to stick in one with them at the park too since it looked so nice!

Okay, okay, so I lied again. This one was put in because of the nice backdrop!

Oh, oh! Shi Lang’s cunning expression again! It was just so funny to watch. Well, made him real and multi-dimensional too!

And another sly moment because he wasn’t really listening to music like he let on! mwuhahahaha Gotta be careful around that Xue Zhi Qiang! Can’t blame him! Look at Tao Hua’s questioning look and Shi Lang’s busted expression. (Possibly circulating his brain to think of a way out of this one? OR NOT!)

I think I mentioned in one of the comments for not liking the little formula set to drive forth the last episode but gotta say they looked devastated enough and convincing enough for us to feel for them.

Another attempt to run away. But this time–from reality. OR more like a possible reality. Waiting for the result wasn’t enough? So they decided to seek the truth for themselves?

Always good to see them all smiles again! Who would want to see them and their long faces all the time, right? It would affect our moods too…

And of course the expected happy ending! So funny that their lives still revolved around Tao Hua’s. But always good to see a family reunion! The only thing I can’t get over was naming Shi Lang and Tao Hua’s kid Shi Zhi Qiang! Honestly? Like really?

So was anyone thinking along the line of boredom land when watching Jindi in the drama? Think again! They were anything but boring! It was already challenging at times to fight all the crazy brothers and cousins/friends/arch-enemies. You can say they were incompatible for any reason, but they weren’t boring at all!

I’ll try hard to think up of more topics for future updates! But two guesses what the next update would be on! (HINT: What does the title say? wink wink)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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4 thoughts on “Jindi: On-Screen

  1. littleblm says:

    Omg I’m having a heart attack after reading that… you might just kill me right now and get it over with lolololo JINDI OFF SCREEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN SCREAAAAMMMMMSSSSS~! I LOVE THAT POST! bloody hell. I kept smiling and nodding like a freak. I am crazyyyyy. Okay okay… lets break this up… how many times did DTLCT say cute? CTRL+F omg… what? only 6? pfft. :p
    Specific responses from me:
    “(So Tao Hua was afraid of ghost – which might or might not exist, but she wasn’t afraid of other more pressing matters like running into a robber?)” TH is probably scared of the supernatural… mr. criminal is just another human with a gun… lolololo
    “And how did he lean toward her direction just when she was putting her head back on the pillow like that? Amazing what he could do in his sleep! LOL!” TH&SL have the psychic connection haha
    “Okay, okay, so I lied again. This one was put in because of the nice backdrop!” Omg not to mention they’re holding hands so intimately yet innocently and and and TH is looking up at SL who is smiling shyly *giggles*
    “(Possibly circulating his brain to think of a way out of this one? OR NOT!)” Uhhh… he found one… kiss her on the head and all would be forgiven 😛
    “The only thing I can’t get over with is naming Shi Lang and Tao Hua’s kid Shi Zhi Qiang! Honestly? Like really?” ZQ did make them come closer hehe. If it wasn’t for ZQ I don’t know when SL would have made a move on TH.

  2. DTLCT says:

    @littleblm – Exaggerating much? Calm down! You still have to update us tomorrow! So must not die…YET! There has to be a certain amount of times where I mention Jindi and cute? OKAY…
    Regarding Shi Zhi Qiang – You got a point. SL’s soooo slow, he was killing me with his rate! Now I remember why I even like XZQ at all. (IF we’re supposed to like him.)

  3. DTLCT says:

    @littlblm – You’re just funny! Somehow, I ended up reading the post again – though I wrote it! Does that make sense? Got another load of the matching outfits! Eek!


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