Joanne Tseng: Light Up EP

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(image credit: Joanne’s Facebook page)

I was so excited that she was participating in the soundtrack of Attention, Love! that I didn’t realize she was also releasing an album. So awesome! I thought it was long overdue since she has been focusing on her acting career. I thought there was going to be a Sweety comeback when they joined H.I.M. This was unexpected but so welcome for me. I’m actually impressed with her vocal range since the last time I heard her. I meant she has been consistent as a singer and has improved as an actress over the years. I was just happy to watch and listen to her from time to time. But this was a major leap from past works. Just listening to two songs so far and I’m hooked. Aside from the song responsible for the title of the album, she also collaborated with Aaron Yan on another song.

Get your copy of the album at these places (or at your local store if you have access to it):

Books TW:


Here’s a sample of the signature song “Light Up” from H.I.M.’s YouTube Channel:

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