Just Singing And Dancing: Full of Energy

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A ten-minute clip was released on their Facebook Page. It’s actually one of the most anticipated dramas of the year for me. (And I meant to blog about it ages ago already when they started filming but haven’t gotten around it yet.) It’s obvious because the drama revolves around music. AND more excitedly, Nic and Van are in it together. They’re definitely an interesting team and it’s already showing from various trailers. So far, there are familiar songs that they sang in the past. Yet I wonder what about the theme songs for the drama itself?

Anyway, it seems like it’s about a singing competition. Pretty cool since they got some real-life notable musicians in to be part of the judging panel. That makes it another promising point because they’re serious about this whole music theme instead of just slapping some stuff together for a backdrop before diving into the ‘soap’ department. (Okay, I watch ‘soap’ too but I haven’t been watching anything that impresses of recent, except for like one.) It’s not like there haven’t been any drama revolving around music in the past, but this one seems to focus on it even more. AND because it’s only 13 episodes, I don’t think it could do much damage. There will, of course, be side stories and their struggles of working together as a team to reach success (supposedly). The chemistry between the main cast and various others are visible through some scenes. It feels refreshing to me. Just hope it will be as popular! I’m ready, who’s with me?

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