Justine Ji's Debut Album

To say that this is one of my most anticipated albums this year is not even exaggerating. It’s true since I’ve been impressed with Justine since watching her on this one competition show. I like her mystical voice–or ethereal voice as Vanadia likes to call it. It is also as clear as water–or almost.

Anyway, What I really like about this album is its artistic side. There are varieties and styles with the songs and also the artistic oozing into the pictures itself.

I seriously believe people who focus on the artistic side are more serious towards what they’re doing. For this case, it is music.

Recommended? You have to listen for yourself to decide. My personal favorite right now is track #2, but will pay attention more to the other songs later since I’ve already sync-ed it into my mp3 player.

*All images were scanned or snapped by DTLCT



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