Khoanh Khac Doi Toi: The Artistic Side

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Continuing from my last post in regard to this album, I’m going to talk a bit about the many artistic aspects of the album and/or its creativity.

Tien Dung and Huy Khiem designed the graphics for this album and I think they succeeded since the cover and other additional images were nicely done. Don’t drop your jaws because it was my poor scanner showing some smudges on it. (I need to clean it to scan better quality images for the future.) Anyway, the colors and contrasts of the images fit well with this album’s theme. It captured the precious moments of life, even the time spent waiting or reminiscing. If you look back at all the images that I posted in regard to this album, you could see the message spread all over here and here. I like how there are mixes of lively colorful pictures and the more subtle black and white ones along with the brown one also. It showed different extremes of life and what one has gone through–in this case, it was meant to show Luong Tung Quang’s past and his experiences like he said in the message on the CD sleeve I wrote about in this post.

As for the music side of it, I must say it’s half and half. I do not mean the song selections either but the arrangement of it and the mixing.

Final thoughts? Thuy Nga succeeded in recruiting all these talented people to help Luong Tung Quang make this album happen. (Or perhaps LTQ recruited them himself.) But what failed, like many times before, are the repetitive mix and/or unsuitable mix for certain songs that made it less appealing and/or unendurable. They need to focus more on that aspect. Even if the similar mixes are supposed to emphasize the consistency of life (which was partially the theme of the album) or the many subtle sides of it, but Thuy Nga has been quite repetitive with their mixes so many times that I felt they should try harder in that department.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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