Legend of Demigods

Unexpectedly good. Wasn’t going to watch it because of Linda Chung and my experience with her past dramas. However, I must say she did improve in this one. She did exaggerate when she was trying to do the comedic scenes, but the serious scenes and normal scenes, she was just fine in it. She shouldn’t be given the improved awards until now. *shrugs* Whatever, that’s TVB.
Benny Chan was really good in here. I was like “Wow” when I was watching it. He was totally adorable as the usual over-hyped and somewhat nutsy village bully. But he was also quite convincing as the evil one when he was being possessed. A smart-mouth he has. But still very straight-forward although quite foul-mouth with the way he word things, lol. But really like his character as an overall point. I’m so glad also that he didn’t end up with the other girl or it would be so over-killed and beats the story’s purpose.
Sunny Chan’s character was very lovable and a very kind guy. Starting to like him more and more these days since his acting is way more better than those days of Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain.
Like Factors:

  • Benny & Sunny as a hilarious & odd duo – friends or brothers or arch-enemies, it’s just too funny to see them bickering and somehow learn to become friends and others in between. Their comedic parts were way funnier than watching Linda attempting to be funny.
  • Stephen Au & Nancy Wu as the tragic pair. I really like their collab in here. Too bad it had to be that way but quite memorable.
  • Sunny & Stephen as friends. Really great how Sunny’s character learn and grow through Stephen’s guide and persistency and encouragements. Very memorable as well.
  • Sherming Yiu as the Princess. Very cute Sherming in here and really like her character. Thought it’s going to  be a tragic with her ending but glad things worked out.
  • Charmaine Li as Benny’s sister. Really like her performances recently. I honestly think that she improved much faster than expected since just one or two series later and she improved already. Strange. But really like her as Benny’s sister in here. Their bro and sis relationship is both hilarious and touching at the same time.

Overall, this one is a really good ancient and fairy/ gods series. Haven’t been impressed with TVB’s ancient series much lately. But this one could pass for a really good one.
Posted (on Xanga): October 19, 2008
Re-posted: Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


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  1. Must try to catch up with that one. I really like Benny Chan. He is cute and he can act, LOL.
    Great banner–Jia you Hong Ju Zi artists!


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