Legend of Star Apple: Episode 2

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Episode 2 unfolded with solving the mystery question of how Tao Si was exposed. (Sha Sha could not be blamed totally though since she had misunderstood Rui Rui also! She only wanted to save Tang Tang. Not to mention, they were only employees, right? They had to do their job!)

Fresh air? Nice, Tao Si, nice. That was some great comeback though.

A heated argument but of course it got his point across all right–even if he sounded so stubborn. (Somehow, I can’t feel sorry for Meng Xin though. There’s always something about those gentle ones that gets to me aka NOT real gentle ones, but those that has on the fake layer.)

So drama unfolded again as we were able to see the story of Tian Qi and Meng Xin unveiling for the first time. (I don’t know how in the world they could let Tian Qi end up with her since she’s so ungrateful. But I guess if he likes to be suicidal about being attached to her, then I wouldn’t want to stop him from it. But I think it’s mostly the casting–if they’ve casted some other actresses in her role, I would be more convinced of her actions most of the time, considering the upcoming parts of the episodes that will reveal her reason for wanting to marry into a wealthy family, etc.)

Comedy made its way into the scene again as Tao Si tried to reflect on a tree and Rui Rui was once again seen as chasing after her little pig. Though it was a bit strange that Tao Si was able to climb the tree and got off fine now but not in the previous episode. (Possibly he was too panicky or unfamiliar with the other tree? Or maybe this tree was nearer to the ground than the other one they hid at.)

That was a bit too cute. Didn’t know that Sha Sha was so into food! Glad to know that they weren’t at odds anymore.

And the at odds couple were once again bickering. Cute nicknames!

Tao Si was acting like a kid again. He was still mad? It could not be helped since he got in trouble for it. BUT still funny.

Tao Si, how could you pick on the poor little pig? You big bully! (Okay, that bite will teach you not to pick on the poor creature anymore.)

A fencing match was all Tao Si needed to work off his anger, right? Too bad someone else was also looking for just that.

We were brought another round of comedy as the strange man who helped Tao Si healed his bee sting appeared again. It was revealed that he was actually Rui Rui’s father. (That was really funny with the ‘To Be Continued’ thing.)

Then we got to see more beyond that hyper side of Rui Rui. She was actually a very filial daughter. Can’t get enough of their touching scenes in here.

As Rui Rui asked her father to go buy rice wine, we were again directed to Tao Si–hanging on yet another tree. (Or was that the same tree?) Still sore about matters since everyone kept blaming him for stuff. (Which I don’t blame him since honestly–forcing marriage is the worst thing you could do to someone.) However, I couldn’t help but remember that Ming Dao’s a monkey in real life! This role actually suits him! (LOL)

Tao Si’s little sulking was short lived since he was brought into another encounter with that strange man! Wow! Fast, aren’t we? Did you forget that he saved you before? No wait…so Cao Ba Ba did not remember the last incident that he attacked Tao Si?

Tao Si should not be forgiven though since he let Rui Rui’s foods went to waste by delaying Cao Ba Ba. Since when were they good brothers? (Yes, that was before but didn’t Tao Si changed it back saying they were not anymore after the ‘attack’? I guess wine got the better of him.) But we might have to pray for him since he will be in big trouble when Rui Rui finds them.

Though not dubbed to be smart or bright like others, but Cao Ba Ba’s words were quite insightful. Sometimes, it was that simple, right?

And lucky for Tao Si that he had already fallen asleep or Rui Rui would’ve scolded him to death for drinking away like that–and dragging her father in with him. (The background music to “The Rainy Season Has Started” made it even more memorable when it played as Tao Si was mumbling away about matters. It somehow made me pity Tao Si a bit more with not being able to choose.)

Tao Si actually took Cao Ba Ba’s words into consideration and gave his father the ultimatum. (Sort of!) Score one point for Cao Ba Ba! But if only Tao Si knew what the price was of opposing his father’s words and staying behind like that.

No, Tao Si, that was not how you were supposed to catch a ride… (although it might get the other party’s attention but you could’ve been ran over if it was some other bigger vehicle.)

Here we go again. And I thought they were supposed to be sworn enemies. Why did Tao Si have to rely on Rui Rui? (Well, he had no other choice left, right?)

Rui Rui’s heart softened too early. Should’ve made him suffer more. Someone was being ungrateful. So Tao Si’s a stray dog now?

I must give Rui Rui credit for her accurate calculations though. Did Tao Si have to listen to her that much? (Oh…almost forgot, he was running out of options!) He also managed to make others laugh upon his arrival!

After that round of comedy, we were introduced to yet another round of it. So Rui Rui liked Tian Qi! (And Sha Sha sure has some really dirty tricks! Still…too funny…crazy girls.) Rui Rui might want to make sure Tian Qi was around before confessing though. Too bad!

Rui Rui, did you have to say it before knowing it was really Tian Qi? Now Tao Si will use that against you!

No wait…he did not get to yet since the episode ended right at the part where Rui Rui finally realized it was not Tian Qi BUT Tao Si who was standing behind her when she turned around.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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