Legend of Star Apple: Episode 5

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Episode 5 continued with them arriving on the ‘Wild Board Island’ in one piece. As it was, Tao Si was always so doubtful of Rui Rui so he refused to believe what Rui Rui was saying until they had a visitor. Or was it more like they were welcomed by the host when they just trespassed?

After running for cover, Rui Rui managed to find a safe enough place to hide along with Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi was such an obedient boy, following behind with no complaints whatsoever. Unlike Tao Si who kept yakking his mouth off constantly. However, Rui Rui managed to sneak in a quick revenge when she tricked him! (He still dared to say he was protecting them? Great…)

On the other hand, how in the world did it turn into everyone looking for Tao Si, Rui Rui, and Xiao Yi? Were the other two supposed to be capable of taking care of themselves and would not get lost? (Of course, we knew why it happened base on the last episode but it was still hilarious if anyone would’ve thought that the other two eloped and took Xiao Yi with them!)

That was just too funny, how did Tao Si end up way above? But then again, anything was possible when fear overtook him, right?

Nice going, Rui Rui. Did you have to expose him that much? So much for being brave, eh? Still too funny. A bear trying to climb a tree?

Before Tao Si was able to think of a counter-attack, signs of rain were moving in on them so they need to prepare for the upcoming downpour. It seemed like a troublesome task, especially to Tao Si who was very inexperienced. Luckily, Rui Rui was able to take toll of the situation. (She was bossy all right but she got the job done.)

And shame on you, Tao Si. How could you make the little kid work? Luckily, Rui Rui was back in time to stop the incident from progressing any further.

Someone thought that starting a fire was hard? Phew! At least everyone was all right.

And they once again witnessed Xiao Yi smiling…no, actually, it was their first time seeing or hearing Xiao Yi smiled or spoken. They were so happy that they got affected by it too.

Too bad, it was a bit short lived since they had to go back to work again, trying to finish the little tent before the rain hit.

And that was Tao Si’s first experience ever with building such a tent. (It felt good to be able to accomplish something, eh?)

So much for roughing it up since Tao Si complained of hunger just after they were slightly getting along after the tent project. And shame on him! Using Xiao Yi to get what he want? Tsk…tsk…tsk…

All was not lost since Rui Rui came back with a witty reply. Yes, Tao Si, of course, there were no markets around. It was an isolated island, remember? But then Tao Si was not bad either! He got her back with his little apology! Who knew, huh?

Tao Si just had to stumble upon the forbidden territory. However, their conversation turned into some silent understanding instead. Cute.

Rain finally came. Lucky they have already eaten and were able to go into their little tent to hide in time. Too bad Tao Si was unable to entertain Xiao Yi. Though his magic tricks were quite convincing. He also managed to communicate with Xiao Yi through his touching story.

Another touching story unfolded itself as Uncle Qin was waiting for his Rui Rui to come back. Lucky Sha Sha was there to stop him from going into the water. But not for long since he was quite persistent with staying there and waiting. Sha Sha was quite effective with her words earlier, but she was not able to do anything except stand by his side and wait with him.

Meanwhile, back on Porky Island…err…I meant Wild Boar Island, Tao Si and Rui Rui were still stuck in the rain with Xiao Yi. Tao Si just had to mention it since Rui Rui managed to remind him of their reason for being stuck on the island in the first place. Seeing that he was not able to respond, he sat back down again.

However, how could he mess around like that? It was Xiao Yi’s only picture of his parents! How would they find Xiao Yi now? He was bored, but did he have to go that far? After all, Xiao Yi was just a little kid. Using such words would break his heart.

Rui Rui was not to be blamed for the slap totally since Tao Si was so convincing, right? He was the ‘Magician of Love’ after all. (LOL) Full of tricks. He was able to convince Xiao Yi to move on. Awww…touching scene indeed.

And the sun finally came out again after the storm. (Cliche yet true this time.)

Though Tao Si was successful in persuading Xiao Yi, it was not the same for Sha Sha’s case since she was still trying to convince Uncle Qin to go back home and wait instead.

She was unconvincing of her current task yet Sha Sha was more accurate toward her feelings about Rui Rui having fun on Wild Boar Island. Aww…they looked like a happy family indeed. If it wasn’t for the circumstances, it would’ve looked like they were on a camping trip together.

Was Tao Si hinting something with the constant rubbing of his cheek? He wanted revenge? (Yup, indeed it was.)

I didn’t expect Rui Rui to go for the “I’m a girl” excuse but that was still funny. Still worth a try, right? After all, who would want to get slapped?

So he was just joking. Phew! (Of course, huh? Tao Si wouldn’t hit girls.)

But he ended up setting another trap for her! How sly was that?

Like she was letting them off that easily. How could they gang up on her?

So after a round of revenge, they settled down at the fire to catch their breaths again. It was then that Xiao Yi made a bold suggestion, which was a great one since they already looked like a family anyway!

However, their happiness was cut off by Tian Qi and Meng Xin since they found the family of three again. The ride back was interestingly awkward among several parties but Xiao Yi did not let Rui Rui off because he had already claimed her as his mother. (At that point, it could be seen that Tao Si was standing in front and smiling secretly.)

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