Let’s Not Fall In Love Again

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Okay, I totally forgot that I didn’t do a review for this yet, lol. So how was it? Nic doesn’t disappoint at all. Like most of his albums, each one brought forth a different feeling. Kudos to the production team.

1. Let’s Not Fall In Love Again (別再驚動愛情) – The music started with a sullen, haunting feeling already. Though talking about another sad past relationship, I actually quite liked the lyrics for this one. It was quite flowery in its own ways and conveyed the message without feeling like he was whining too much about lost love. And though he lost love and lost confidence in love thus not wanting to start another relationship. Yet he just wanted to retreat and live in placidity, not having stirrings anymore, not totally blaming the other party too much. Awesome song! Totally lived up to being the first track of the album.

2. Not Much (不多) – Another sad song. Like that was news, right? (LOL) This one was about miscommunication and/or not wanting to acknowledge the relationship hence causing pain? (Sounded that way, NOT quite sure. Had to guess a lot because of the vague words at times.) This was still a good sad song though. Not really my favorite but it was all right. It was better the second or third time around actually.

3. Why Cry? (怎麼會哭) – OMG, the uplifting guitar tune at the beginning was a misleading one. At least for me though I thought the title might be misleading. Yet someone wanted to leave him again. It seems like a never-ending cycle, lol. I know it’s nothing to laugh about. But talk about luck and I guess Nic’s aiming for full morbidity for this album? Or what? Though he was reassuring himself and telling himself not to cry, it was a really torturous feeling with the picture paved through the song. (Maybe because I’m still in my morbid mode so I actually quite liked this though it sounded so tragic.)

4. Running From Happiness’ Chasing (被幸福追著跑) – Upbeat song at last, lol. I think this song made up for the last three songs. NOT in the quality since those three songs were good in its own way, just saying that it made up in the happiness department. Nic sang this song with so much energy. (Like there’s any doubt, lol.) A good uplifting song to take your mind off depressing things and look toward the positive.

5. Heaven’s Enemy (天敵) – Another fun song. I quite liked this song also. It was a carefree song though about relationships but more like telling someone off because he was not going to change just because. Quite confident and not caring about offending others.

6.  Pendulum Man (鐘擺人) – Happy break’s over, lol. The morbid songs continue. But I didn’t mind since it was another good song with creative lyrics and nicely composed tune. I liked the string instruments accompanying the mood.

7. Loneliness Becomes Natural  (寂寞成自然) – This song started out slow yet soon changed its pace, intensifying the situation mentioned. I was ready to not like a song but the more I listened, the more I liked it. Nice arrangements also for this one.

8. Dried Sorrowfulness (曬乾悲傷) – Upbeat song. It consisted of both sadness and happiness. But it was quite encouraging and uplifting, urging one to move forward and focus on other things in life.

9. The Person Who Loves You The Most In This World (世界上最愛你的人) – This song grew on you. At least it did for me. Sad yet heart-warming at the same time. I don’t know, it just felt that way.

10. A Word To A Friend (給朋友的話) – This song consisted of inspirational messages, urging one to just do it, don’t hesitate or waste time, etc. It gets you thinking about life. I especially liked the background music with its pace.

OMG, I scrolled back up to tally up the points AND seriously, Nic outdid himself. (Again, it wouldn’t happen without the production team but he also had to make good calls.) It’s rare that I like every track. Probably there is favoritism over which one is better, but it’s very rare I like each and every one of the songs.

What I also liked about this album was how it was designed with the packaging. It was a small package with strips to seal it. A very nice touch. It was like a treasure box when opened up. The goodies contain the typical lyrics booklet and a special photo book with all the pictures taken by Nic. A good deal since you could read his thoughts and see his vision with the artistic side.

I would recommend this album for Nic fans and people who like morbid music, lol. There are like 4 tracks of upbeat songs so it’s not like all tragic. Still, great work. I’m so looking forward to the next one.

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