Let’s Rock, Love Songs

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(image scanned by DTLCT)

1. Taipei Sky (台北的天空). Nice and full of old memories.

2. Persistence (揮之不去). Another nice song. Full of emotions.

3. Boundless Sea and Sky (海闊天空). It wasn’t until the second listening that I realized Van was singing in Cantonese. Yes, so I wasn’t really paying attention the first time around. Then something else hit me. He sounded eerily like Eric Suen in this song. After some more listening, I sort of got used to it. Sort of, lol.

4. Feeling of a Heartache (心痛的感覺 ). Um, this song sounds soooo familiar. I’m not sure where I heard it before. Or possibly the mix. ‘Cause it sounded like a remix from a past song. Tragic song.

5. Who Am I? (我是誰). From Just Singing And Dancing. It’s also in the soundtrack so there are some choices with wanting to order one over the other or vice versa. I actually have both (obviously), but I have no problem with that.

6. Right Here Waiting. Ummmmm, not working for me. NOT picking on him, but it’s hard for me to accept cover versions of this song since it’s my ultimate favorite song.

7. So Love (原來愛). Refreshing yet could be quite suffocating at the same time. Not saying it’s not good, just the feeling the song made me feel.

8. Rock for love. Also from Just Singing And Dancing OST but this one is the Mandarin version.

9. Our Heaven (我們的天堂). With Tai Ai Ling. A nice duet between the two.

10. No Boundary (無邊界). Love this song, even if it’s a cover version. Love how Van had penned the Mandarin version.

11. What Wind Brought You Here? (什麼風把你吹來的). The title of this song makes me laugh. Serious, because it’s used to address others so many times in dramas that it makes me laugh when hearing it. And finally a not so depressing song. The beat helped, lol. Also, another song penned by Van.

12. Time To Set Out (是時候 啟程(OT:許願). Remake of “Make A Wish”. Wrapping up with a remake of his once-famous song. Well, it probably still is popular among fans. The remake is as good.

Conclusion? Mixed feelings throughout, but I think it’s a pretty good album for Van fans. I seriously think it’s me with some of the tracks since I’m not a true rocker yet, lol.

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