Liao Zhai 2: Fen Die

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It was in the third place when I was anticipating the series but it eventually tied with the first place, considering how my fond of Eddie and Esther’s pairing up grew over the years. And this story was a tad disappointing though it combined the mystery element with all the fairy stories. Really funny and cute at first. Yet there was this repetitive formula like the previous story. I don’t know. Though it was still six episodes YET there was something lacking. It was like there wasn’t enough energy into it though I loved how Eddie and Esther were in here. I also liked the various guest stars appearing.

What was disturbing was it seemed cute that Fen Die and Yang Ri Dan were fighting at first and then he helped her conquered her fear of nightmares. They eventually found out that they were being tested and had to win the bet to stay together BUT that was frustrating on many levels though I knew it was just some obstacles they had to face. It was like Fen Die loved Ri Dan dearly yet she was too trusting of Wang Feng. It made sense that she did not remember but her strong reliance on her dreams made it too much of a joke. Because it could not reflect on the reality that much, could it? I bought into the idea of her fear of being punished because of the love between a fairy and a human being more than the whole nightmares projecting the truth. Since the other one, of course, it was illegal. BUT relying on dreams to live? COME ON NOW. While I was watching it the whole time, I thought if Fen Die was in our time (aka the modern time), she would’ve been locked in some asylum already for being so crazy. Honestly! Though it made sense that Wang Feng was touched by Fen Die’s willingness to keep her promise and somehow learned to let go and uniting Fen Die and Ri Dan again, I just can’t buy it. I meant it made sense but it was too rushed. They made it too dragging in the other parts SO it didn’t leave time enough to convince me. I understood the message it was spreading, but it wasn’t convincing in that sense.

What was I actually convinced of then? Eddie and Esther’s chemistry of course. Was there ever a doubt? It was really cute and funny at times like I said before. Then there was also the touching scenes of them parting from each other near the end. It was really worth a few tears. Definitely a different kind of feeling from Chinese Paladin yet it was as tragic. The story for this one just needed a stronger foundation and better flow since it did not linger at the right places. At least not to me.

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