Light the Wild: Episode 1

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Light the Wild is a reality show titled based upon the drama Light the Night and involved the main cast.

I don’t usually watch reality shows but was super curious because of the cast. So yes, I caved. It was a fun first episode with some initial activities to get everyone started.

Anyway, the start of the show introduced the six special guests arriving at the campground. The guests were (based on order of arrival): Cammy Chiang (江宜蓉), Ruby Lin (林心如), Nikki Hsieh (謝欣穎), Puff Kuo (郭雪芙), Cheryl Yang (楊謹華), and Rhydian Vaughan (鳳小岳). Hu Wei Jie (胡瑋杰) was also in the episode but he was the host of the show.

When they first arrived, Cammy was surprised that she was the first one, so she went exploring for a bit. That helped because when Ruby arrived, Cammy went to fetch them drinks. Ruby made a joke about Cammy doing her old job (lol). The comment referred to Cammy’s role in Light the Night.

That rest of the arrivals pretty much go through the same motion with greeting the ones already there and then engaged in the same type of conversation to pass time.

Nikki was outed at one point for putting alcohol in her water, lol. It made sense, considering how she kept saying it was just water that she prepped from home and didn’t want the water being offered.

Puff actually brought three bags with her, which contained all the daily necessities (or so she pointed out). The others didn’t bring some of the items. They were thinking of borrowing from Puff later, so they can’t really make fun of her, lol.

What topped the moment was when Cheryl disclosed that she brought her mattress with her. That was one of the reasons why her luggage was so heavy.

When Rhydian finally arrived, he found out that he was the only male cast there. So, he was happy at first—to be surrounded by all the beauties. Then he was sad, because they all bullied him. Yes, he was going through a mix of emotions within the episode. It was hilarious, to say the least.

After all was said and done, they were assigned rooms based on the seats they had chosen when they first arrived. Two seats did not have keys under theirs. So, some of them paired up. Ruby and Cheryl shared one room, while Puff and Nikki shared another. Cammy had a room all to herself so she was happy. Rhydian, obviously, took the last room.

When they arrived at the supposed bedrooms, they found out those were actually camper units instead of regular bedrooms. Rhydian was beyond himself when he found out he had the largest room. He was very happy and even bragged about it. He felt guilty later, so he switched with Ruby and Cheryl. Unfortunately, it was after the switch that Ruby and Cheryl found out that the AC wasn’t working. There was no way he would switch again, lol.

The rest of the episode covered their interactions over various topics. They also played games and completed some quests that were given to them.

Initial thoughts?

Cammy was very down to earth and vibrant. She was also quite confident—to the point that she bragged about being the best at badminton, and Rhydian picked her as his teammate (but ended up finding out otherwise). It was hilarious to watch, though. They still won over Puff and Nikki, so that was something. However, according to Puff and Nikki, they were tired and hot and wanted to go sit under the tree, hence losing, lol.

Anyway, I found Cammy the most relatable because she was very simplistic in a sense. She was also quite active and was willing to participate in all activities. She seemed to be easily happy with the littlest things. Even when she burned her finger, she continued right on.

Ruby was quite bubbly, especially during the part where they were playing badminton. It was that personality that allowed her to push forward during the many attempts to grasp the game. (Even when she accidentally whacked herself in the head with her racket. No one expected her to continue, but she laughed it off and proceeded to learning.) Cheryl was surprised that Ruby didn’t know how to play badminton, yet she patiently guided Ruby through it.

Aside from that, Ruby also had the cunning evil side (lol). It was the part they picked a guest to accompany them for dinner. Cheryl was once again surprised, lol. (Well, not that shocked, since they were mostly joking around.)

Ruby was quite attentive as well. When Cammy burned her finger and had to go into her room to run cold water over it, Ruby tagged along and stood by the door, making sure Cammy was all right.

In case anyone was curious, Ruby mentioned Wallace twice during the episode. The first time was when they were switching rooms with Rhydian and talking about mattresses. The second was during dinner when Rhydian told them the story of how he became a vegetarian. Cheryl was commenting on how it was easy with guys just eating veggies, etc. Ruby jumped in to say that Wallace must have some type of meat-related dish with his meal.

Nikki, unlike some of her past roles, was crazy. (Joking!) But it really showed her range. Granted, I haven’t watched all of her dramas but she was quite impressive with her performances since she debuted.

Puff was easygoing and hilarious. At one point of the badminton game, Rhydian said that he had a feeling Puff was just making up the rules as she went along. Because she was the one calling out whether the moves were legal or illegal for the game, etc. Perhaps, he was right, lol. But that activity was a good bonding moment for them.

Puff became their leader (sort of) during the dinner prep after they lost a member. She and Nikki seemed to be closer (just from initial interactions thus far, not implying anything) and worked well together. Just like how it was seemed with Ruby and Cheryl. So, no wonder they picked one another as teammates and/or roommates. Cammy was fine by herself though, lol.

Cheryl had this lady boss for me throughout. Not sure if it was because I was used to her lady vibe from her role in the drama, but she still had that vibe for me. It just reminded me that Cheryl indeed came a long way as well, regarding her acting career.

Cheryl, like others, soon got used to the environment and interacted naturally with the others. Well, they’d work on the other drama together and had known each other for a while already, so it made sense. But they just moved in, so it seemed a little strange at first. Oh yeah, she did explain why she had to bring her own mattress with her. It made sense.

Rhydian was really surprised that the campground was quite luxurious, and the food was equally exquisite. He initially thought they were roughing it up, considering how they were camping and all. He shared several stories about camping or other outings to the others.

Rhydian also gave off this vibe like he knew how to enjoy life. It had to do with the way he ordered his food at one point. I guess being somewhat of a master chef made him knowledgeable of different cuisines. However, he wasn’t a picky eater and was willing to trade with anyone during one of the activities. And although he had become a vegetarian, he wasn’t outright swearing off meat or other cuisines just because.

The other thing about Rhydian was he still called Cammy “Yaya” (雅雅). It was her nickname in Light the Night. The same went for how Ruby and Cheryl still called Rhydian “Jiang Han” (江瀚) at times.

Perhaps, fans might already know some of the things mentioned above. However, I haven’t watched any games show or interviews related to stars for a while now. So it is all new to me. But it was fun to see their interactions off screen.

There are other guests coming onto the show later, according to trailers and promotional pictures on their Facebook page. So, I’ll be looking forward to those episodes as well.

I meant to get this out before the second episode airs, but got caught up with stuff over the weekend, so it’s late. Regardless, I will continue to watch and hope to update consistent as it airs.

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