Light the Wild: Episode 2

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The next day, Rhydian was making tea for the others. It seemed like a good start to the day with everyone getting ready and all.

They were sadly misled because when they got to the main area, they had to make breakfast for some guests. It had to do with their selections from last night. They thought they were checking off their breakfast menu for the next morning. However, they were the ones having to cook for the guests. After that was done, though, they did get to eat, so it wasn’t for nothing.

On top of that, they found later in the day that they had to cook lunch and dinner as well. No additional guests, but they had to cook for themselves, no outside help. Well, they had someone leading them around and helping with how to pick the ingredients correctly. Other than that, they were on their own.

Along the way, we learned a few more details about the guests. Some were quirky habits, others were just normal interactions. It seemed like Rhydian was the special guest or something, because he left them after this episode. They had a heart-to-heart talk somewhat before bidding him goodbye.

Rhydian revealed that he learned to cook when he was overseas studying. He said everything was expensive, and it was better to buy stuff and cook it at home, so yeah. That was how he learned.

What was fun about this episode? Some of their interactions. My favorite was the part where they had the bike ride after lunch and ended up getting wet in the rain. I was surprised that they proceeded, even though it wasn’t raining hard or anything. Or maybe they were used to it and were good to go regardless. What was even funnier was the return ride. Because it was darker so Cammie asked Puff if she saw an old man when they drove by a certain spot. Puff responded yes but was wondering what was wrong. Cammie just wanted to clarify that Puff also saw him. (LOL! Cammie thought she saw a ghost!)

What I was surprised, more so than ever, was that they didn’t try to cover the fact that most of them drink, etc. (Well, Nikki did try to conceal her “water” in the previous episode but that was a funny moment and could be overlooked.) Yes, they are all adults and could do what they want during their off time or celebrations. However, usually, within the industry (read: Asian entertainment industry), people hide it more and try to project this “good” image regardless of age, etc. At least, that was before (and to the point that some people got chopped from contracts because they were caught at some bar or something). I haven’t paid attention recently. I do understand why most celebs must protect their image, but it had become so unrealistic that was unbearable. I don’t expect them to come right out and admit it either, since it was their private life after all. Even if this was just a reality show and some dramatic moments were done as jokes, yet it was refreshing in a sense to see them comfortably talking or sharing drunk stories.

What other goofy moment was there? Ruby’s dinner was ruined because she was on the phone consoling her daughter the majority of the time they spent cooking. They probably did it in humor, but I was a bit annoyed (yes, I had to admit it) that she left it for the others to tend to. Rhydian and Cammie sort of took over, but Cammie was drunk for the most part of dinner prep, so yeah, it was really weird. Interestingly, the other dishes were successful, and they had a nice meal and talk.

Once again, in case anyone wondered, Ruby did mention Wallace again. Obviously, it was hard not to when their daughter called in during the scene mentioned above. It was just some vague words here and there but you know it was Wallace.

The dog was the cutest, lol. Can’t wait to see the upcoming episodes where other special guests are coming by to visit. I saw from some photos they moved to different settings too. I’m way behind now because I was busy with real life stuff again. So yeah, will update slowly but I won’t give it up.

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