Light the Wild: Episode 3

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It seemed like they were featuring different cast members for the show at different intervals. Because in this episode, only Ruby and Puff returned. The new special guests for this episode were: Lorene Jen (任容萱), Austin Lin (林柏宏), Li Li Ren (李李仁), and Xiu Jie Kai (修杰楷).

The setting this time was really outside. It was still within a safe distance of civilization, but it was a little rougher than last time. Because they had to set up tents and cook for themselves with little help.

The episode opened up with Ruby and Puff going grocery shopping and prepping for the trip. They talked random mostly while browsing. Ruby disclosed that Wallace was the one who took their daughter to school and she would pick her up later. On the other hand, Puff was sharing her proud moment with being really prepared this time. She was wearing a heavy clothing, including a coat, since they were going to the mountains. She was in for a surprise when the day was gearing up to be quite warm. She later changed into a T-shirt, though.

Lorene was the first guest to arrive at the campsite, so she set up a hammock to rest while waiting for the others. At first, she seemed really timid and was ready to dive in to help the others—if needed. It was mostly through her initial comments. However, when the others arrived, and they were ready to set up, they discovered that she was really knowledgeable regarding camping. Even Austin—who supposedly had more knowledge—was stumped and ended up becoming Lorene’s assistant. She wasn’t bossy or anything, but was really comfortable directing everyone with her instructions. They encountered some minor issues, but everyone worked together, so it was easily resolved.

Aside from setting up camp as a team building moment, they also went on a hike together and bonded a bit more. Austin finally got to show off his knowledge, lol. It was fun though, seeing them work together once again. They took proper safety precautions with both trips. They were rewarded with some beverages once they completed the mission.

Li Li Ren disclosed that he was asked who he wanted to go camping with and he said Xiu Jie Kai, so that was how they were on the same team. Although he said that Xiu was the master chef and he enjoyed having Xiu cooked for them, he seemed to have taken over their kitchen as well. I was somewhat worried they might crowd one another and get into some weird disagreement sooner or later. If the producers wanted to add drama, that was the way to go, lol. Luckily, it was just some light-hearted moment watching them work together. Oh yeah, both Li Li Ren and Xiu Jie Kai agreed that Ruby wasn’t their top choice to go camping with. They were joking, but it made sense, lol.

When they were making dinner, Puff introduced her special dish to them: fried eggs with shredded carrots. You cook them with olive oil. Supposedly, it’s more fragrant if you add a decent amount. The soft carrot makes the eggs have a sweet taste. (I actually tried it but had to freestyle it a bit because I didn’t know the exact portions from just watching here and there. Of course, it wasn’t a cooking show, so they had to cut some parts for time, etc. But It was really good. You should try it for yourself. You can put salt in or other ingredients if you want. But Puff is right, the carrots do indeed give the eggs a natural sweet taste and you don’t have to add sugar, etc. Make sure the carrot is soft before adding the egg batter though. I think Puff did mention it. Because of time, she sort of rushed the carrot a bit, so it wasn’t as satisfying as she wanted it, but close enough that the others enjoyed it.)

They bonded a bit more after dinner, talking random stuff and playing that weird game, lol. Anyway, it was mostly goofy. But some of the conversation topics were worth listening to. At least, I learned some new stories about them. Again, it was because I haven’t really paid attention to the stars themselves for several years now so I’m behind. Fans probably know some stories already, but it was a treat for me. One of the highlights of the night was Li Li Ren’s story about losing his dog and someone actually found it. A was a long time ago but it was a heartwarming story.

Regarding Xiu Jie Kai, he disclosed Alyssa was a light sleeper, so they do not go camping as a family, etc. Even if they go on a vacation together, they picked some place else that was more accommodating. He didn’t want to disturb her sleep because she would wake up at the lightest sound. (Awww…)

There were other stories share but I don’t want to spoil it too much. It seemed a little tamed with the challenges for the day. Yet probably going to warm up for the next day. Considering how they had to fill their breakfast cards again. Ruby warned them of a possible trap, lol, disclosing what happened the last time. With that happy thought, they headed off to bed.

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