Love Buffet: The New Hype

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It was only the beginning of the month that GTV held a press conference to confirm their production and casting for the drama yet it was already setting off to a new height among fans near and far. In fact, fans are not the only ones feeling the hype of the drama with much anticipation. The cast themselves are as excited. With the majority of them blogging about the production in such an enthusiastic manner, this must be some production. (Even the manga writer is as excited!)
What are the pros?

More Exposure – Not only the media will get wind of the whole production but fans will benefit because they will be able to follow the whole process more actively.

Confidence – With so much hype going toward the production, there ought to be some really good stuff coming into it.

Positive Vibe – Seeing how good the cast and crew are getting along, it makes everyone happy. After all, all three main leads are around the same age and they live around the same area also.
The cons?

Disappointment – This is unavoidable in most circumstances so hopefully Love Buffet won’t fall into this category once it is aired.

Ratings – A strong cast, a good plot, and a good production team sometimes are not enough. Viewers have different ideas of what is ‘good’ and they are quite critical of it. So this is another 50/50 chance–just like any other drama. (Not to mention the upcoming dramas airing in competition to this drama.)

Anti-Fans – After the announcement of the cast and crew, there were some quite strong reactions toward it. On top of that, there are rumors about ‘so and so’ getting together. There will be battles of words between fans as with the whole ‘fan pairings’.

I guess fans will have to cross our fingers and wait for the final result.

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2 thoughts on “Love Buffet: The New Hype

  1. For me, it’s the plot too. After that, it’s acting ’cause a poorly performed cast could pull the drama down. ‘Cause you’ll be confused half of the time or most of the time trying to read into the character’s personality but is confused with how the actor/actresses’ actions, etc.

  2. I’ve read quite a few positive comments around the fan forums about the ‘love triangle’ involving Joanne, Calvin and Aaron. Many fans are intrigued because Calvin and Aaron haven’t had much exposure in lead roles before, and never with Joanne. Often these novel pairing really work well, e.g., Qiao En and Ethan Ruan.
    But what I think really matters is the script, the script and the script. I personally become really bored and tend to switch off if the plot does not hold my interest!

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