Love by the River: Tragic or Touching?

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(Credit: 大愛戲劇一部)

Yes, I’m really back to updating constantly on Jun Ya lately. But it’s because the dramas kept piling up. I saw the news about this before the movie, but I ended up jumping ahead with updating the other one first. This production marked the third time Jun Ya got married in a DaAi drama but also his third DaAi drama as well. Nice or what? (LOL)

This drama is actually directed by the talented Deng An Ning. Just watching the above clip, but I feel that the production company has its credibility (as the majority of DaAi dramas are).

In the drama, Jun Ya portrays Qiu Xian Zhong (邱顯鐘).

He is paired with Cocco Wu in here.

The grand question about the drama is, will he die? Well, if you read the spoilers, you know.

But it seems like another challenging role for him.

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